Saturday, July 31, 2010

Friday, July 30 2010

Yesterday we had so much fun!! The day started off slow, but ended great!! I had plans to take the kids to Cecret Lake or to Silver Lake. We headed out the door with plans to stop by my Mother's house for lunch with my brother, Victor, and his family, and also my sister Kristine and her two youngest kiddos. My Mom grilled steak and we had that along with salad and baked potatoes. (Kids enjoyed Turkey Dogs) Thanks Mom, it was DeLiSh!!
Zane, Sage, Kyson Aspen
But, my favorite part was snuggling the two newest additions to the family. Gretchen Sophia and Zander Jonathon. They are only a few weeks apart, and both just adorable. After lunch we all hung out and just spent time together. Sage and Aspen LOVED playing with their cousin Zane again since we don't see him as often as we use to now that I am not his daycare. It was lots of fun!!

Aspen with Zander

Zane loving on Zander.

Sage and Zander

Aspen and Gretchen (I promise she isn't dropping Gretchen)
Sage and Gretchen

Zander and Gretchen
After everyone else left, my kids were still playing, and I had a headache, so we opted to stay and play at Grandma's House rather than head to the lake for a hike. The kids went out on the tandem bike, and when they came in they STUNK. Poor Sage, you put her outside in the summer and she smells like a wet dog. So, my Mom and I ran to Walmart and bought them all clean clothes so I could toss them in the tub at Grandmas. We ended up getting them new jammies.

I bathed the kids and decided to put the girls hair in rags. Looking back, Aspens was a bit too short still, because the back rags just wouldn't stay in (and I have no after pictures because I forgot that also)

For months my Mom has talked about how much she loves the movie Julie and Julia. I hadn't seen it (shocker I know for all of you guys who know how much I enjoy a movie) so we popped it in. I liked it. Mom says that Meryl Streep should have gotten best actress for her portrayal of Julia Child instead of Sandra Bullock for The Blind Side, stating that Meryl did Julia perfectly, but, I am not familiar with Julia Child in any way other than knowing her name, so I can't compare. Maybe tonight I will find some old footage online and watch.

What started out as a quick stop by Mom's house was an all day affair. We didn't get home til 1130 last night!! Thanks Mom for having us for so long!
This morning we did our "Saturday Chores" and then I got in the mood to bake. We made a Lemon Chiffon Cake for dessert. (I made Santa Fe Chicken and Spanish Rice for dinner. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Lion House Cookbook. It ROCKS) I found these old pictures from a few months ago that I realized I hadn't shared, so I figure I will add them here as I write about our adventures in baking. The girls love making rolls. It is one of their favorite activities!!

After dinner we went back to my Mom's house for a game night. First we played Clue with everyone, then had a slice of my Lemon Chiffon cake for dessert. After that, the adults played Ticket To Ride. LOTS of fun and if you don't have it, I suggest you get it. I have the North American version, but I have heard that people enjoy the European version better. LOTS of fun!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

So I'm a Wee Bit Behind...,..

And I won't even go into details. If I come across pictures I will post them, but just so you all know we ARE still alive, I will give you a quick run down of the last 4 months.

April 10 was Savannah's 3rd Birthday. So odd to imagine that it was 3 years ago that we said both hello and goodbye to our little girl. I remember every detail and every smell, it seems like just yesterday.

Aspen broke her elbow and had to have surgery. (well, actually just a hair above the elbow) She was jumping on the neighbors trampoline and got bounced off. OUCH. As often as I am taking pictures, I dont hve one picture from the whole time she had her cast on. (she chose orange by the way)

We got season passes to Lagoon, so we went a few times this year, not as many as we usually do with Apsens arm, but we still got lots of whirling twirling and sliding in!

Farren, Kyson and Aspen all had birthdays!! It was also the start of the track season, and this year, all three kids ran track. They all did incredibly well, and at the all county meet (in July) Aspen took first in the 800 meter. That girl is a distance runner. She should give her Mama some lessons!! Luckily she got her cast off in time, she did NOT want to miss track!

June- June was incredibly busy with PTA activities at the school. The year end always is, and because we are year round, we do it all twice.

June 25th my adorable neice Gretchen was born. She is so sweet!

Farren and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. CRAZY to think it has been THAt long!! Love ya babe!!

July- The kids got out of school July 2 and we have been running ever since!!

July 3, Saturday afternoon Aspen fell asleep and basically didnt wake up til Tuesday morning. She wuold wake up and take a few steps, but that would exhaust her so much that she would lay down, right where she was and sleep for hours, even on the kitchen floor. She walked into the wall, but didn't seem to realize she had. We took her to the hospital and she was admitted. They ran every test they could think of, but could find no anwsers. Her only other symptom was a fever. She was still sleepy after Tuesday, napping 3 or so times a day, but soon got back to that silly little girl we know and love.

Kyson attended a Football Camp at BYU where all the coaches were past BYU players who had gone onto play in the NFL. He had a marvelous time and is already counting down the days til next year. Kyson is all about football, so this was perfect for him!

We have made quite a few trips up to Pineview REsivior this month, and that is ALWAYS a blast. We love playing in the sand and swimming in the lake. We have plans to go up next week and rent waverunners. We always pack a huge picnic (that hardly gets touched since we are playing so much) It is one of our favorite places.

Farren decided that our minivan that we had for the last 6 years was "on its last leg" So, the search began. We drove all sorts of vehicles, but we kept coming back to the same one. I know have a beautiful 2011 Toyota Sienna in my driveway. I love her, and especially love having seating for 8, where all 8 seats are real seats (lap only belts don't count as seats at our house because I don't let the kids sit there, so a lap only belt is really just wasted space) I wasn't wanting another minivan, but, considering we have plans to go to California numerous times in the next year, I needed something with better gas mileage than a fullsize SUV, and we couldn't find any midsize SUVs where we felt the back seat had adequate leg room for our growing family. (growing as in growing up, not as in growing by how many people)

The dealership we bought it at carries the name of an ex-Jazz player, karl Malone. He was coming into town to do a promo, and Kyson wanted to go so badly. I did NOT want to take him (bad Mom I know) Luckily, the kids slept at my Mom's house the night before he was to be here, and our friend Bill took the kids to meet Karl. Kyson proudly displays his signed bsketball. Thanks Bill!

July also brought about another new baby!! My little baby brother had a baby of his own! Zander Jonathon was born July 17th and is just so snuggly. His birth brings the total for Farren and I to 15 neices and 10 nephews.

Yesterday we took the kids to Snowbird to do all their summer activities. It was so much fun!!!! They had a wonderful time doing all the activities available!

We have also gone swimming many times, enjoyed the local parks and the Splashpad. We have really enjoyed our Summer so far, and all the good friends we get to spend it with!!

I have a hike planned for Cecret Lake tomorrow, but, considering it is already 1123 and Im usually in bed by 9, I'm not sure that will happen. Maybe we will have a game day or drive up to the park we love in Heber.

I will try and do better about updating this, more so for myself than for anyone else; I like looking back and seeing the fun things we have done over time.