Thursday, January 29, 2009


So tonight was a big first in Kyson's life. He went away to Diabetes camp with his cousin Jaden. I won't see him again until Sunday. I am so nervous. He is so excited. Tomorrow they are going skiing, and they get to do so many other fun activities also. He has been looking forward to it for a month. I hope he does okay. I'm glad Jaden is with him.
Aspen was so bummed when she saw the cabins and bunkbeds they get to sleep in. She wanted to stay SO badly too! So, in the Summer, they can go for a week and do all the summer activities. By then she will be 7, and old enough to go. It looks like lots of fun, and their counselor seemed nice. He has grown up going to Diabetes Camp.
I miss him already, but I bet he hasn't thought twice about us since we left.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


So a few weeks ago I let Kyson make Monkey Bread. At the end you pour a mix of melted butter, cinnamon and brown sugar over the top. Well, it boiled over into the oven. It was my lower oven, and I usually only use the top one, so I forgot about it.
Well, forgot about it til tonight. I spent all day reading Eclipse (I told you I like to read books in one sitting) and went to pop in a quick dinner. Tator Tots in the top oven and Fish Sticks in the lower. All was well til I saw flames in my lower oven. Oh my heavens! Freaked out. Farren was able to put it out, but now I am figuring out if I can run my self cleaner or if I have to do anything else. I am HOPING my oven still even works. If you have any advice or opinions about how to go about this, PLEASE let me know!
Poor Sageycakes. She was so scared and upset about the fire. She was screaming the house was going to burn down. Can we say DRAMA QUEEN? Anyways, she got herself so upset that she got a terrible nose bleed.
I had NO idea that could really happen. You hear it in the movies that took place long ago all the time. People tell people to calm down or they'll "get a Nose Bleed" Ya, apparently it really truly happens. Who knew?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bedtime Stories

Last night was a DISASTER. The fog was so bad the airport was closed, and we passed a car on its side smashed into the barrier. I don't think anyone could have survived. We dropped Kyson and Sage at my Mom's house and left to take Aspen to the movies while they went to the party. We went to many theatres and everything was sold out. We didn't pre-buy the tickets online because we weren't sure how traffic would be.
So, we were left with nothing to do. So we went to the party and poor Aspen had to sit and watch the other kids have fun. (We had to pick up our ids so that is why we didn't just go home) We cleared a slide and let Uncle Victor take Aspen down the slide very carefully on his lap once and she loved it. But for the most part she just cried. I felt terrible for her, it was hard for me not to cry for her.
Kyson went home with Jaden for a sleepover and both girls went home to my Mom's to sleep with Lexi. This morning I picked up Alexis and Aspen and took them to bedtime stories. It was really cute. I highly recommend it. The story is cute and it was well done. Definitely one to buy!
Tonight we went to dinner and now Farren and the girls are rocking out to Guitar Hero. I just adore my family, they are so cute and can have a great time doing anything! I am definitely lucky and was dealt a GREAT hand in the family department.

Friday, January 23, 2009

New Moon and Aspen's Poor Head

A few months ago I bought and read Twilight. The next day I went out and bought New Moon. However, I never opened it. I have this thing about reading books in one sitting, and considering it is over 500 pages, I knew it would take a few hours. I finally started it last night and finished by about 12:45 am. Today I ran and picked up the two I have left. Hopefully they are a little less predictable and a little more descriptive.
On a side note, Tuesday Aspen, Kyson, and some of the Kirkham kids were out riding bikes. We didn't have enough bikes to go around, so Aspen was walking. They went down the street to the church, and Aspen got the bright idea to "ice skate" down the hill. Well, her feet went up and the first thing to hit the ground was her forehead.
One of the kids stayed with her and the others ran home. I went to get her and you could see her pupils were different sizes. I wasn't too worried and I called my dear friend Elly to make sure I should just watch her. Then Aspen's speech wasn't making sense. Her grammar was just terrible. She was saying "I is offy code" instead of I am awfully cold, ect. Then she pulled blankets over her face because the light was hurting her so badly. I was getting stuff together to take her to the ER and she passed out.
Driving to the hospital she was totally unresponsive. I would get loud and say ASPEN ASPEN and she wouldn't acknowledge us at all. Finally she would turn her head and look at us before passing out again. I got her to the hospital and Farren met me there. He grabbed Aspen while I took the other kids to my sisters house. Farren told me that she had no recollection of anything that had happened that day.
She stayed asleep the whole time we were there. She did her CAT scan and then the doctor poked his head in the room and said she is fine take her home, bed rest for 3 days. (Even though she was still totally out and hadn't been awake even 3 minutes since the fall) Then the nurse came in and told us that she had many contusions on her brain, may have seizures ect and if she does call 911. So, obviously we were very worried.
She threw up in my car, but otherwise was passed out for a few more hours. We went to my sisters to get the kids and she came upstairs and passed out again. Got home and was still passed out. Anyways, one thing we were told to watch for was stomach pain/nausea. She had terrible tummy pain on Wednesday, but tried to fake that she didn't. I brought her to PCMC that night and told the doctor we had been told two conflicting things, ect so he double checked her CAT scan. There is some visible bruising, but not much, and certainly not the contusions that the nurse had said she had.
She is doing much better, but keeping her resting has proven very difficult. Since that happened she has: bent down to pick something up and smashed her head into the bar counter in the kitchen, smashed her head on the bottom of the computer chair, and Sage tripped and fell, landing RIGHT on Aspens head where Aspen was resting. If this keeps up she wont have much of a brain left.
Tonight is her cousins birthday party at Bouncing Off The Walls and obviously she cant go. She is so sad about missing it. But, Farren and I are going to take her to the movies instead.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

So I am a HUGE slacker!

First off, I obviously let my Post a Day challenge go down the drain. I thought Sage's birthday deserved a whole week! Next month I will do better because I am challenging myself financially and will post a daily tally.

I am also a slacker because I FINALLY saw Twilight. Mary and I went Friday night after we grocery shopped. The first part DRAGGED and I thought it was so dumb, but the second half was much better. My favorite scene was the baseball game. There was one scene where my mind slipped into the gutter and I started laughing and couldn't stop. I was silent though. Not nearly as annoying as the teenagers snapping their gum.

Next week I want to go see Marley and Me or Bride Wars. See, Mary has me hooked on the theatre at Jordan Landing. Their popcorn is to die for. So I may be seeing more movies. I have been craving it since Friday. YUMMY. Much better than Jordan Commons.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Sageycakes!!!!!

Today my little Sagey turned 5. 5 is such a huge number, it represents so many things. She is "school age" now when you look at statistics. She can ride a two wheeler, she can buckle herself into her carseat, she can do math problems and spell basic words.

She certainly isn't little anymore. I remember when she was born. After 25+ hours of labor, I sat up to get my epidural adjusted and she flipped onto the bed, nearly falling off to the floor. When she was a few days old she was admitted to Primary's because her jaundice was getting bad. We dealt with that, her Mastocytosis and Kidney issues. She is such a strong child. No pain meds after surgery, but she didnt mind at all. Even sliding down off chairs right over her incision like nothing had happened.
Now she goes to school and tells me if she thinks the clothes I bought her are ugly. She knows who she likes, and who she would rather not play with. She knows to be gentle with the babies and rough and tumble with Daddy. She knows so many things, some more than anyone should know at her young age.
At the end of each day she gets back out of bed once, comes downstairs and says "Hug Mamma" She makes sure she gets that one last hug in. She brightens my day and I can hear her jumping on the bed this very moment. Little stinker.
I love that girl.
Happy Birthday baby girl! (who isnt a baby anymore)

Friday, January 9, 2009

Sage's Party...

went well. They are watching Enchanted right now and I think its almost over. I hope anyways, I am exhausted. I will post more details and pictures soon.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I just can't do it Captain.......

This "new post every day challenge" is tough. I have nothing to write about today. I cleaned all day, took a huge load to the DI, Sage played with jesi and Weston, and that is it. Other kids had school. BORING, and nothing to write about. Tomorrow is Sagey's birthday party. A very small sleepover with her cousins and Jesi. So, I will have pictures and stuff to write about soon. Just not tonight.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


My kids have been asking to go to Build a Bear for as long as I can remember. Aspen and Kyson went once years ago for Lexi's birthday. Sage never had. I always say no because honestly, it is hard to justify spending THAT much on a stuffed bear. I decided that this Christmas they could each get a gift card.

So, we all got dressed and I told them I had to run a few errands at the mall, and would then go somewhere fun. I am mean and enjoy watching the anticipation of not knowing where we are headed grow in their little eyes and minds. We get to the mall and Kyson, ever so observant, asks why on Earth I am bringing my camera bag into the mall.

I couldn't help it. I lied to my child. I told him I had to photograph some shoes for someone who hired me to do so. Considering I am always taking pictures of "funny" things, he totally accepted that explanation. (Though I have never been asked to shoot shoes. Feet, yes. Shoes, no.)

We are walking through the mall and pass Build a Bear. Sage gets loud and excited. MOM, can we go look? PLEASE, just so we know what to use our gift cards on? PLEASE? Of course the other two had to chime in their please can we looks. I said No, you can't just look, but you CAN go make a bear.

Oh my heavens they were SO excited! Unfortunately, because it is right after Christmas, most the animals were sold out. But that is okay. They got some cute bears.

First you have to stuff it.

Then you Wish on it.

Then bathe it.

Dress it.

Love it.

They had a great time. We topped the day off with lunch, though lunch couldn't have been too great considering I can't remember where we ate.
By the way, I have to say, Sage's bear's boots; she chose those because Zane has some similiar. Nice furry winter boots to go with the summer dress she picked.
Speaking of shoes, dont look at Sageys feet, it appears they are on the wrong feet. Dang I love that kid.

Think My Mind is Trying To Tell me Something?

I had the craziest dream. I was at Mary's house and we were getting ready to go out. We were trying to hurry and cook the kids spaghetti before we left. I got a pot and put some water on the stove. Mary got mad and me and said that takes too long.

So, she grabbed a bowl and the dry noodles, and put them in the dishwasher and started it. She said that was is MUCH faster than stovetop cooking.

Think its my mind telling me to cook real dinners more oft0en instead of going for conveince with things like Spaghetti or eating out?

Monday, January 5, 2009

Beautiful Life

When people play music on their blogs, it usually annoys me. I have to mute it if I want to actually remember the details of what they write about. I vowed to NEVER play music on mine. Well, this song is up there temporarily so you can all hear it. I love it! I first heard it as a promo on TLC for their Monday night family shows. I YouTubed it and heard the whole thing.

It says so much of how I want my kids to feel and be raised. I want them to explore the world and not feel confined in one small city, state, or even country. I want them to know that there is more out there than I can possibly show them, and they should go see those things and chase their dreams, no matter how unrealistic they may seem.

I want them to know that some of the most wonderful things in life are right here if we just open our eyes and look around. I want to be right there with them as they search out anwsers to questions they may have. I want to walk the road of life right along side them, holding their hands when needed, and letting them run free if they are willing to try.

Its a beautiful life, a beautiful day, and a beautiful time to be here.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas 2008

Yes, I know I am a total slacker! Christmas was nice, though it didn't "feel" like Christmas to me this year. On Christmas Eve we went to my Mom's house for a soup dinner. There had been a tummy bug going around all the cousins (and a few adults) and unfortunately, that was Aspen's night to get it. I think she was worse than most the other people. She was screaming in pain. It was so sad. But, she still wanted to go to Grandma's. We didn't stay as late as we would have if she hadn't been sick.
Christmas morning we woke up pretty early. I am impressed though that even though Kyson was up SUPER early, he didn't wake his sisters. (This year I think he slept til about 5. On Easter he was up by 4) The kids were very pleased with their selection of gifts. Santa brought Kyson a bike, Aspen a digital camera (that Santa's helper almost got tackled over trying to get) and Sage got a new play kitchen. We had a play kitchen that was a hand-me-down from lexi, but the kids never played with it. So, I arranged to give it away (This was 2 years ago) The week I had given it away they started playing with it. I had been careful not to mention I was getting rid of it, I assumed they would never notice it was gone. WRONG! They have been asking for one ever since.
Kyson is also really enjoying his Legos, Nerf Guns and Wii games. Aspens favorite gift is her American Girl Doll, Kit Kitteradge. She has matching jammies with it and that doll is always with her. Sage is also enjoying Aspens doll, and has decided to not have a birthday party at My Gym if she can only have an American Girl doll. She can't decide if she wants Ruthie or Felicity. Sage is also enjoying her new Play-Dough and art supplies.
After we opened gifts we went back to my Mom's for some brunch. Victor had gotten Guitar Hero so we played that. Dang that is addicting! We also opened up Kyson's EyeClops. That thing is AMAZING. You hold it up to something and it magnifies things 200x onto the TV. Can I tell you how gross moles look up close?
Then we headed to Farren's Moms for lunch/dinner. She got the kids the Planet Earth/Blue Planet series. Those are AMAZING. We watched them again that night (well, some of them) LOVE them! Of course, Kyson's favorite part is where the wolf eats the baby cariboo, and that part makes Sage cry.

We had a nice holiday filled with good family and friends. I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday as well.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Best Cousins!

Sage has a best friend, Jesi, and a best cousin, Illi. She says they are both "the bestest friends in the whole wide world" Illi is just a week or so younger than her, and they get along great. Illi, her sister Lexi, and one of her brothers Elijah slept over before Christmas. I went to check on them before I went to bed, and this is what I found. Those two are inseperable.

Oh, and no, Sage doesn't sleep in a crib. That is cute Zane's crib for when he is at my house!


Can I just say that clicking on the NEXT BLOG button to see what is out there is NOT a good idea in any way shape or form while your child is on your lap. Off to bleach our eyes......

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Post a Day.......

Back in November I was challenged to make a post a day. I decided to wait til January to try because I knew that I would be too busy through out the holidays. I challenge you all to do the same.
Weird. Its the second but saying its the first............ oh well. :)

Happy New Year

Just a quick note to say Happy New Year to all of you. We, of course, did nothing. Farren had to work. I was actually cleaning the kitchen and watching Savannah Smiles when the new year rang in.

In other news, we did get the bedroom finished and will take pics soon.