Friday, January 23, 2009

New Moon and Aspen's Poor Head

A few months ago I bought and read Twilight. The next day I went out and bought New Moon. However, I never opened it. I have this thing about reading books in one sitting, and considering it is over 500 pages, I knew it would take a few hours. I finally started it last night and finished by about 12:45 am. Today I ran and picked up the two I have left. Hopefully they are a little less predictable and a little more descriptive.
On a side note, Tuesday Aspen, Kyson, and some of the Kirkham kids were out riding bikes. We didn't have enough bikes to go around, so Aspen was walking. They went down the street to the church, and Aspen got the bright idea to "ice skate" down the hill. Well, her feet went up and the first thing to hit the ground was her forehead.
One of the kids stayed with her and the others ran home. I went to get her and you could see her pupils were different sizes. I wasn't too worried and I called my dear friend Elly to make sure I should just watch her. Then Aspen's speech wasn't making sense. Her grammar was just terrible. She was saying "I is offy code" instead of I am awfully cold, ect. Then she pulled blankets over her face because the light was hurting her so badly. I was getting stuff together to take her to the ER and she passed out.
Driving to the hospital she was totally unresponsive. I would get loud and say ASPEN ASPEN and she wouldn't acknowledge us at all. Finally she would turn her head and look at us before passing out again. I got her to the hospital and Farren met me there. He grabbed Aspen while I took the other kids to my sisters house. Farren told me that she had no recollection of anything that had happened that day.
She stayed asleep the whole time we were there. She did her CAT scan and then the doctor poked his head in the room and said she is fine take her home, bed rest for 3 days. (Even though she was still totally out and hadn't been awake even 3 minutes since the fall) Then the nurse came in and told us that she had many contusions on her brain, may have seizures ect and if she does call 911. So, obviously we were very worried.
She threw up in my car, but otherwise was passed out for a few more hours. We went to my sisters to get the kids and she came upstairs and passed out again. Got home and was still passed out. Anyways, one thing we were told to watch for was stomach pain/nausea. She had terrible tummy pain on Wednesday, but tried to fake that she didn't. I brought her to PCMC that night and told the doctor we had been told two conflicting things, ect so he double checked her CAT scan. There is some visible bruising, but not much, and certainly not the contusions that the nurse had said she had.
She is doing much better, but keeping her resting has proven very difficult. Since that happened she has: bent down to pick something up and smashed her head into the bar counter in the kitchen, smashed her head on the bottom of the computer chair, and Sage tripped and fell, landing RIGHT on Aspens head where Aspen was resting. If this keeps up she wont have much of a brain left.
Tonight is her cousins birthday party at Bouncing Off The Walls and obviously she cant go. She is so sad about missing it. But, Farren and I are going to take her to the movies instead.


Blameless said...

Awww...what an ordeal Aspen has been through! It's hard to 'trust' our doctors when they don't make sense, and their advice goes against our Mommy instincts!

Give a big hug to Aspen from me. Enjoy the movies!


Mitchell Family said...

Poor Aspen, how scary for you, Em. I'm glad she was ok. Enjoy the rest of the Twilight Books!

Sarah said...

So glad everything turned out okay. How scary for all of you!

Hope she enjoyed the movie. What did you guys see?

The Wildes said...

I am so glad she is doing well now!