Sunday, September 28, 2008

POP is a Glorious Sound

I mentioned earlier that I had plans to go Peach picking with my friends the Leavitts and the Kirkhams. We went and it was lots of fun! Mary was up in the tree, and Tiffani had Madi (mary's daughter) on her shoulders to reach peaches. We were all picking them.

I took a huge bucket home and so did Tiffani. Mary already had them coming out of her ears because she had already picked them. I knew I wanted to can them, but I didn't know how. So, I called Shirley, my mother-in-law. We went over last Saturday (so over a week ago) and we canned peaches and we made jam. It was so easy and so much fun! Shirley had mentioned that hearing the cans go "Pop" was music to your ears. I kinda laughed and thought that was funny. Then it was our turn. We cooked them and did all we were suppose to do. Then, we sat and waited for the famous POP. Then we heard one, then another and another. What a glorious sound!

After the peaches we made Peach Jam. I don't even like jam, but this tasted so wonderful! I know the kids will love it. It was such a fun day. I think I am going to get a few flats of strawberries and make those into jam also. YUM!!!! Who knew I could be so domestic?
P.S. We made more than is pictured!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fire Station Fun!!

Early this morning Kyson came into my bed barely breathing. He would quit breathing for a bit and then take a big gasp of air. It was way scarey. Yesterday all he had was a cough. So I called DH at like 7 ish and told him to come take Kyson to the doctor. I have been extremely careful to keep Kyson in my room and away from all the babies and kids. He has the Gamecube in there (he was so mad I wouldnt bring the Wii up) and he has his Dad. Anyways, they went to the doctor and Kyson has croupe. He had to get steroids and needs more tomorrow, but the doc said he can return to school tomorrow. I'm not so sure about that. He still has moments where he cant breathe at all. Poor guy!

Went to take the kids to school and my van wouldn't go. Turns out the tire was 100% deflated with a huge nail in it. At least Farren was last to drive it. :)

Today Sage's preschool class went to tour the local firestation. Jesse and Sage wanted me to go with them, so I did. We had little Zane but missed Britton so much! Britton is such a joy! I wish you all could hear his laugh! Anyways, we went to the firestation and it was SO much fun!

Here is Sage holding the hoses and hats, they are very heavy!

They got to sit in the Captain's Seat

And they even got to spray the fire hose! It was SO much fun!!

Afterward we went to McDonald's for ice cream! It was such a fun day!!

Monday, September 22, 2008


So last night I made Chicken Cordon Bleu using the recipe from The Lion House cookbook. Yum Yum!! The prep time took me a while, but I am generally pretty slow when it comes to working in the kitchen. Next time I don't think it will take me long at all. It is definitely a keeper.

4 whole chicken breasts, halved
8 thin slices cooked ham
slices Swiss cheese, cut into strips about 1 1/2 inches long and 1/2 inch thick
1/4 cup melted butter ( I needed 1/2)
1 cup cornflake crumbs

Skin and Bone Chicken. Place each half between sheets of plastic wrap, skinned side down, and pound with meat mallet to about 1/8th inch thickness (this part does matter though I didn't get most of mine that thin)

On each Ham Slice place a piece of cheese, sprinkle lightly with seasonings. Roll cheese and ham "jelly roll" style, then roll each chicken breast with ham and cheese inside. Tuck ends and seal well (I used toothpicks but you can tie with string) Dip each roll in the melted butter, then roll in cornflake crumbs turning to coat the chicken. Bake at 400 for about 40 minutes. Serve with Cordon Bleu Sauce.

Sauce recipe.

1 can crm. of chicken soup
1/2 cup sour cream
1/3 cup lemon juice (we measured exactly and it was too much lemon juice. Way too tart for us, I would recommend not so much lemon juice)

Blend ingredients and heat, serve over chicken.

It is way yummy! I was too tired to make rolls to go with it, so we served it with green beans and no bread. Enjoy! If you try it, let me know how you like it!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Busy Busy!

Today was a tad bit crazy. This is the one day a week that I do not have extra kids, so, it makes it very very busy. This morning I overslept (I stayed up too late emptying my DVR. oops) I was supposed to meet Tiffani at her house around 840 am so we can drive to a Council PTA meeting at the highschool. I am running late so I dropped my kids off across the street from school and had them use the crossing guard rather than me pulling into the loop because getting out of that loop can take years! I got Tiffani and cute Britton and we went to our meeting. Sage and Britton were SO good. I am way proud of both of them! After that I drove Tiffani to Xpedex because we are out of paper and she is starting work on Reflections and I have a newsletter to do next month.

I dropped Tiff and Britton off at the school and took Sage out to lunch. She wanted Chili's. That was jam packed. We get this teeny tiny 2 person booth. One on each side of the table, but Sage wanted to sit next to me. So, we both squoze into a seat designed for one. She told our server that we were having "Special Mommy Time" Well, apparently the waitress figured out how adorable Sage is because she brought us out a gigantic dessert for us to share on the house. Yum!

After we left there I told Sage it was time to run home and brush her teeth and go get Kyson and Aspen checked out from school because we have dentist appointments. Oh my heavens did that girl freak. She totally wigged out, crying she wasn't going. When we left our house I had to literally unwrap her fingers from the stair banister. I can't really blame her. With all the medical issues she has gone through, the thought of any doctor is enough to freak her out. I was REALLY concerned with how this would go. Last time Sage cried and cried and wouldn't let them X-Ray or clean her teeth. It took the doctor over 20 minutes of him playing with her and letting her play with all his tools (she got to spary the water ect) before she would open her mouth for him. So, obviously I was concerned about how it would go.

She was AMAZING. She went right in and did her X-Rays, climbed up and did the whole cleaning without any freaking, and let the dentist do his exam. I am SO proud of her!!

After that we raced back to school (by now its 3, school was out at 140) and try to make it back in time for the Room Mother Tea. Ya, I was too late, but that is okay because Kyson and Aspen's teacher had lots of parents there. Sadly, many teachers had no parents come or sign up to help in the rooms this year. Looks like I will be "room mom" for a few more classes. We stayed and helped clean up. Came home, did dinner and now its 730. I am beat.

Tomorrow we are canning peaches (hopefully they arent too ripe)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I need a new camera, and Aspen's turn.

Now I am sure that 95% of you who know me personally just rolled your eyes. Yes, I love my camera, but it is not practical for the everyday, candid shots. I cant take it in my purse, and by the time I have the body, lenses, filters, hoods, ect. I'm toting around a huge bag. Sure that is fine (and wonderful) for a trip to the zoo, and Christmas morning, but I want something small that I can take with me at all times for those fun shots, like when Sage falls in the mud :)

Also, with our possible upcoming Disney vacation, there is no way I can take my big set up, so I want something small enough to have on hand. If anyone has any recomendations, let me know. My only requirement is that it doesn't have a long delay.

Here are some of my favorite shots of Aspen.
So of course they never go where I want them, but two of those pictures have funny stories behind them. The one with the books on the bed? That was the night before the first day of Kindergarten. Aspen was sure that if she lined her room with books (they were lining the walls and window seat) that she would wake up smarter. That cracks me up.
The other one is where she is jumping with the pair of jammies. I had bought Sage some Carter's footed jammies because their room is so cold and Sage always kicks off her covers. Well, Aspen wanted some. That is ALL she wanted for Christmas. So, when she opened those last year, she was obviously very excited! The video is hilarious!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Pudding Painting Princesses

So, this weekend was fun. Saturday we went and picked up some furniture that was in my Aunt Sally's home. Saturday night I played BUNCO and Sunday we took the kids to Lagoon. I think they are getting a bit sick of going so often (Farren and I are WAY past sick of it) because they only lasted about 1 hour. Next year we will use the money for season tickets for football.

My kids have been pudding painting forever. I have pictures of Sage doing it when she was probably about 18 months old. They LOVE it. I figure pudding in the mouth has to be better than even the non-toxic paint in the mouth.

Anyway, I was watching Jon and Kate Plus Eight the other night (my kids LOVE it and so do I) and they let the kids pudding paint on themselves. Up until now, we had always done it inside. So, we took it outside, and Sage and Jesse had a BLAST. They weren't sure at first, but then they loved the idea of getting so goopy with permission.

I had them in old jammies, thinking I would just toss the jammies out afterward, but it all washed out very nicely. here are some pictures of their "art"

(I have no idea WHY my pictures always go to the top when I add them to the bottom. If anyone can help me with that issue, I would greatly appreciate it.)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Kyson's Turn!

oops! I send my post through before I added any text.
So a quick run down and then some of my favorite pictures of Kyson.
Tonight we had a sitter for the first time. I was a little nervous even though I knew the kids were in quite capable hands. The Dad of the sitter's comments about her playing with matches didn't ease my mind. (okay, really I laughed and told Farren all about it at dinner, and he thought it was hilarious!!)
Anyways, we are OLD boring nerds. 730 pm and we are at Olive Garden, both falling asleep at teh table. After that we went and played a few rounds of pool, where of course, my husband killed me! MARY, we need to go more often so I can practice!
So, we get home and the cute sitter was worried because she hadn't had a chance to vacuum up the popcorn yet from my den floor. The movie was still on. No big deal to me, I'd rather know my kids were played with (and they were) than worry about small messes that will take 20 seconds to clean up! :) She told me on the way home that my lovely stinker of a son tried to convince her that he is allowed to watch rated R movies. Ummm... NO, he isn't. Remember those capable hands I mentioned? Yes, teh sitter has them. She knew Kyson was trying to trick her and she didnt give in.
The night went well and we are all exhausted. I am heading to bed. I will leave you with some pictures of my handsome boy.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

My kids are the GREATEST!

First, let me remind you that Sage is 4, Aspen is 6, and Kyson is 7.

Tonight were SEPs at the school (like parent teacher confrences) I watch 2 extra kids during the days, so I was pretty busy anyways. Because I am on the executive board of the PTA, I had to help with the SEP dinner. We feed the teachers since they don't get to go home til 8 pm.

So my day went like this.

815 am Take kids to school and pick up two daycare kids. A 4yr old and a baby. (their Moms work at teh school so its just easier if I grab them)

Run to Walmart to get bananas and a few other things (and I slipped a CD in my cart)

Race back to get Sage and Jesse to preschool. Oh no, we forgot Sage's bag and don't have time to go get it.

Take baby home, change him, play with him, make some very needed phone calls, try and feed baby lunch since it was almost his nap time.

Run get big girls. Come home put down baby for nap and feed girls.

Make a huge batch of spaghetti sauce.

Try and feed baby again.

Farren is home, baby likes him better so I run try and do a quick pick up. I wouldn't worry, but we have our first ever babysitter coming tomorrow so I can go out on a date with my husband!

310 start loading car with kids, food, diaper bags, backpacks ect.

I got to the school, helped set up for the dinner and the bell rang, grabbed my kids, sent them home with a neighbor and started doing PTA business. We have a contest going and teh class with the most memberships gets Beanie Babies. I didnt get home til after 8 pm.

My kids go to bed at 730, so when I walked in and saw Sage in her jeans and shirt I was a bit annoyed and said WHY arent you guys in bed. You dont even have jammies on. I walk upstairs and my kitchen is spotless. I turn around and the living room is spotless. Kyson and Aspen come in saying LOOK what we did Mom, and they were both showered and in jammies. I was only 1/2 listening to them (bad mom I know) and I said WOW Daddy cleaned the kitchen AND you guys got showers? (Dont get me wrong, he is an AMAZING father, but considering he works two fulltime jobs he would rather play with teh kids than clean the house, and Id rather it that way. Kids always come first here!) Anyways, Aspen says NO, WE cleaned the kitchen, living room and den and our rooms. And we were dirty so we each went in and had our showers.

Holy COW. While I was out voluntering at their school, my kids cleaned 95% of the house, did their homework, and bathed themselves without being asked or told. I am beyond impressed! Later I asked my husband if he had suggested they pick up, bathe ect. He sid nope, they wanted to surprise you.

Well, surprise me they did.

Dang they are great kids. I am so lucky.

Raindrops on Roses and Whiskars on Kittens...... These are a few of my favorite pics!

So, last night I was helping my Mother situate her blog. We were putting pics of each of the grandkids down the side. Being the one who always takes the pictures, I looked through all my files. These are a few of my many favorite ones of Sage. (the girl can NOT take a bad pic, even her X ray is cute. That is a metal ball in her tummy) Anyways, some are new, some are old, but I love them all for various reasons.

Top to bottom (though as I type I am sure they will move)

Sage swinging at a park in June of 2006. I took her to Denver to see a doctor who knows all about mastocytosis.

Sage's X Ray. Kyson told me she had eaten a bouncy ball. Turns out it was a metal ball for magnetix.

Sage in the tub. About 6 months old. How cute is that? Please ignore the naked bum you see in the corner!

Sage sleeping on the potty. We were obviously having issues.

Sage playing in the snow. Dec 2007

Sage's birthday party at MY GYM. I made her that cake so it was egg free, then she picked out a store cake for her friends.

Sage doing family pictures. Summer 2008

Sage at Yellowstone, waiting for Old Faithful.

Sage dancing after we decorated Savannah's headstone for July 4th 2007

Sage loves her Daddy.

Dance like No one is watching!

And getting ready for church.

So, everytime I label the pictures, they move, but I am sure you are all smart enough to figure it out!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Craigslist, KSL, and Child Care

(If you read this before and are reading it again, Yes, it is changed a bit, my wording wasnt sitting well with me)

Today I had a comment added to yesterday's post. I clicked to their blog, and read about how thankful this woman is for her son. How lucky she is to get to hold him each and everyday. How important it is to not take your children for granted. This woman has struggled with fertility and had multiple losses. Her post was partly inspired by Savannah, it brought back so many memories for her. There my girl goes again, making her impact. If the day comes when someone hears our story and isn't compelled to go hug their child, or if it doesn't leave them a little more grateful than they were when their day started, then any good that came from her passing goes out the window.

With that in mind, I have a rant. Maybe I am more paranoid than the average joe, or maybe I am right and these people are nuts :) I read the childcare ads on Craigslist and KSL (a local news site) I see all the time ads stating "I need some money, what easier way to get money than to watch your kids?" Of course everyone needs money, and people don't work for free, but if you are posting an ad seeking families to trust you with these precious little souls, at least act like you enjoy children. I guess kudos for the honesty, but that screams pay me to push the buttons on the remote control. Hopefully people generally go meet, interview, and observe these people, but really, that makes me nuts. (and before you all flog me, I have NOTHING against childcare at all, there are many many amazing providers who love the children they care for)

What is worse are the ads that say HELP I need a sitter TONIGHT, I have a wedding, party, night out ect that I want to go too. My house or yours, my kids are 3 months old and 2 years old, they will just sleep the whole time. HELP I am desperate.

Do you really have that much disreguard for your children? You are going to let someone you have never even laid eyes on have complete, unsupervised access to your children? You dont have info on this person, you could come home to an empty house and never see those kids again. You don't know if they will sit there and do drugs while your child watches. So much worse could happen. How can you not value that little life more than going out? So sad.

Value your children. Love your children. Hug Your Children. Appreciate your children. Respect your children enough to not ditch them with the first person who says okay in order to make a quick buck. They are worth more than that.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sad News, a school update, and a HUGE favor!

When I was in elementary, 6th grade to be specific, I became great friends with a guy named Aaron. These past few months I have been thinking about him, along with other friends, so I decided to look him up. I couldn't find him on facebook or Myspace. Last night I tried Google, and came across his obituary. It is so sad, and it seems so unreal, even though we haven't seen each other in abot 10 years.

On a lighter note, Sage had school again today. The color was yellow, so they painted busses. Way cute!!!!! This afternoon will be spent at the school, running off and distributing September's newsletter. I spend lots of time at the school. My poor husband is so sick pf the PTA he could scream, but we both agree it is important to be actively involved with our children's schooling.

Now onto my favor. Well, not so much a favor as a request :) I have a friend named Jill. I have known her for a few years. Jill has a 3 year old daughter named Alexis. Alexis has Leukemia. Alexis has a website to keep people updated with her progress. I will also put her website under the People We Love section. Alexis loves to hear the messages people send her, and I know they really help Jill's spirits. Please go to Lexi's website and sign her guestbook, and link to her blog from yours and pass it on. This little gal needs prayers and good thoughts, so what better way to pass the word around?

Monday, September 8, 2008

Cooking Dinner and Beauty Queens

So, what is for dinner? It is 6:13 and I have NO idea. I have been so busy lately with PTA, kids, and just life in general that most days I forget to plan ahead. If you have any super yummy and super easy meals please, I beg of you, put them in the comments section!

Yesterday we took the kids for a drive through Guardsman's Pass. It is such a beautiful drive, we go at least once a summer. Usually we go up Big Cottonwood Canyon, through the pass, and into Park City. We end up on Main Street. This time we took the long way (I'm a spoiled wife) We did the pass then took a long dirt road. Twice I had Farren pull over to get some leaves that are changing so the kids can take them to school for show and teach. Once he had to climb. I am so glad he has good balance! We ended up in Midway. Oh my goodness! I had never been through there. What a cute, fun town. I LOVE it! As we drove I even noticed a covered bridge that is perfect for a good family photo shoot. It looks like it belongs in The Bridges Of Madison County, with the changing leaves behind it. I told Farren that we need to get some fleece pullovers and do family pictures. Of course this was met by a huge groan :) He always had negative (in his mind anyways) experiance with family pictures, so he dreads them. Our last family picture was done when Aspen was 2 months old. She is 6 and 1/2 now!

We stopped at a park and played with teh kids in Heber. It was an awesome park. had all the "dangerous" things that "Today's Kids" don't get to enjoy. Like REALLY high twisty slides and those metal domes that you can hang upside down from. That was a blast!!!!! I regret not grabbing my camera. I always have it with me, but I need to send it in to get cleaned so I didnt grab it. The BEST thing was that even though she felt sick, we made it both up and down the canyon without Aspen puking. Yep, NO PUKE! Woohoooo!!!!!!!

Last night I couldn't sleep. It was after 4 am before I managed to get a short snooze in. Anyhow, I watched 2 documentaries on TLC about beauty pageants and toddlers. It made me want to puke. Fake teeth, tans, fake hair, and dresses that cost more than my car. No thank you. Not my kids. One Mom wouldn't let her preschooler compete in the swimsuit competition because she was too "chubby" and then spoke about how her daughter, who is maybe 4, needs to diet. Sick Sick Sick.

Today I happened to stumble on an old friend's blog. I read through and it low and behold she had an old friend's blog linked from hers. This gal was my best friend in Kindergarten for many years. I haven't seen her since her wedding, when Sage was an infant. I left her a message on the comments section, so hopefully she will get back to me.

Well, Aspen is in here asking that I charge her MP3 player, Kyson is in here saying his neck hurts, and Sage is crying because she stepped on a stick. Ahhh Just another day in paradise.