Friday, September 12, 2008

Kyson's Turn!

oops! I send my post through before I added any text.
So a quick run down and then some of my favorite pictures of Kyson.
Tonight we had a sitter for the first time. I was a little nervous even though I knew the kids were in quite capable hands. The Dad of the sitter's comments about her playing with matches didn't ease my mind. (okay, really I laughed and told Farren all about it at dinner, and he thought it was hilarious!!)
Anyways, we are OLD boring nerds. 730 pm and we are at Olive Garden, both falling asleep at teh table. After that we went and played a few rounds of pool, where of course, my husband killed me! MARY, we need to go more often so I can practice!
So, we get home and the cute sitter was worried because she hadn't had a chance to vacuum up the popcorn yet from my den floor. The movie was still on. No big deal to me, I'd rather know my kids were played with (and they were) than worry about small messes that will take 20 seconds to clean up! :) She told me on the way home that my lovely stinker of a son tried to convince her that he is allowed to watch rated R movies. Ummm... NO, he isn't. Remember those capable hands I mentioned? Yes, teh sitter has them. She knew Kyson was trying to trick her and she didnt give in.
The night went well and we are all exhausted. I am heading to bed. I will leave you with some pictures of my handsome boy.


Sims Family said...

Great Pictures, he is handsome. Glad you and dh were able to get some couple time. Dh and I use to go eat at olive garden and then go play he kicks my butt too

Steve.Jeana.Preston said...

Love the pics!!!

We got our pictures taken behind some old buildings and in Lehi. They are off state street

Mitchell Family said...

Reading your blog makes me miss you guys : ( That pudding painting thing looks so fun! We will have to try it. Your a great Mom Em! TTYL~April