Thursday, September 11, 2008

My kids are the GREATEST!

First, let me remind you that Sage is 4, Aspen is 6, and Kyson is 7.

Tonight were SEPs at the school (like parent teacher confrences) I watch 2 extra kids during the days, so I was pretty busy anyways. Because I am on the executive board of the PTA, I had to help with the SEP dinner. We feed the teachers since they don't get to go home til 8 pm.

So my day went like this.

815 am Take kids to school and pick up two daycare kids. A 4yr old and a baby. (their Moms work at teh school so its just easier if I grab them)

Run to Walmart to get bananas and a few other things (and I slipped a CD in my cart)

Race back to get Sage and Jesse to preschool. Oh no, we forgot Sage's bag and don't have time to go get it.

Take baby home, change him, play with him, make some very needed phone calls, try and feed baby lunch since it was almost his nap time.

Run get big girls. Come home put down baby for nap and feed girls.

Make a huge batch of spaghetti sauce.

Try and feed baby again.

Farren is home, baby likes him better so I run try and do a quick pick up. I wouldn't worry, but we have our first ever babysitter coming tomorrow so I can go out on a date with my husband!

310 start loading car with kids, food, diaper bags, backpacks ect.

I got to the school, helped set up for the dinner and the bell rang, grabbed my kids, sent them home with a neighbor and started doing PTA business. We have a contest going and teh class with the most memberships gets Beanie Babies. I didnt get home til after 8 pm.

My kids go to bed at 730, so when I walked in and saw Sage in her jeans and shirt I was a bit annoyed and said WHY arent you guys in bed. You dont even have jammies on. I walk upstairs and my kitchen is spotless. I turn around and the living room is spotless. Kyson and Aspen come in saying LOOK what we did Mom, and they were both showered and in jammies. I was only 1/2 listening to them (bad mom I know) and I said WOW Daddy cleaned the kitchen AND you guys got showers? (Dont get me wrong, he is an AMAZING father, but considering he works two fulltime jobs he would rather play with teh kids than clean the house, and Id rather it that way. Kids always come first here!) Anyways, Aspen says NO, WE cleaned the kitchen, living room and den and our rooms. And we were dirty so we each went in and had our showers.

Holy COW. While I was out voluntering at their school, my kids cleaned 95% of the house, did their homework, and bathed themselves without being asked or told. I am beyond impressed! Later I asked my husband if he had suggested they pick up, bathe ect. He sid nope, they wanted to surprise you.

Well, surprise me they did.

Dang they are great kids. I am so lucky.


faboo said...

Your kids are such sweethearts Em. :)

Anonymous said...

you are one lucky mama !<3,midge

Monica said...

Your kids are the swetest Em, they get it from their momma.

I hope you & Farren have a wonderful date night tommorow.

Have a great night!

The Leavitt Crew said...

They are awesome kids! And awesome kids come from awesome parents!

Sims Family said...

Your Kids are amazing. They have such big hearts (they take after you). You are such a good mom and have raised your kids well. :)


Oh my heavens! I can only hope my little ones want to "surprise" me like that! Your family is beautiful and I love how you and your husband view family. If I didn't say this before I think you are wonder woman! Your blog is darling and very entertaining! Thanks for your cute comments on mine! Have fun on your date!

Mitchell Family said...

See Em, your OCD is rubbin goff on your kids They are the best kids ever!!!