Monday, September 17, 2012

Introducing Emery Kate

 Yes. I know. I'm a huge slacker who can't seem to tend to my blog. Oh well, it is mainly just a personal journal of our activities anyway!! My goal is to do better. Last I posted was in January. It is now September, and my baby I was expecting will be 6 months old this week. Yes siree, six months!! WHERE does time go?

 Emery Kate was born March 21, 2012 and is SUCH a joy. I was induced due to numerous problems, and we are so entirely grateful that this time, we got to bring our baby home with us. All the kids adore her, as do her parents. Life with a baby after so long without one is a new adventure. I love it and I wouldnt have it any other way. Well, actually, I'd slow time down. Its going too fast, and as each milestone passes, Im proud of all my children accomplish, but it is also bitter sweet, as they are growing up, and even the small things, like rolling over, moves them one step further toward independence. If I could keep them little forever, full of innocence and awe I just might.

In these last six months Emery Kate has accomplished so much. She started out small in stature, mighty in lungs. She isn't so loud anymore, which is thrilling to everyone who comes by. She has also experienced many things. She caught MRSA at the hospital and there was very serious consideration of amputating her finger. Each shift change they would bring the Ortho in so he was familiar with her and her case, just in case they decided it needed to go. Thankfully she still has that beautiful little finger.

She has the most precious giggle. The sound will turn stone into sugar, and put a smile on anyone's face. She loves to interact with people, especially her siblings. She also rolls both directions, scoots, and is learning to sit up. She can sit unsupported for about 20 seconds. She is usually the center of attention, and that is just how she likes it.

I can't begin to describe how in love I am with her. I thought my heart was full with the other kids, but she completes it. I know she is meant to be here, and that is a gift I can never give enough thanks for.

As for life with the rest of us, things are well. Kyson started 6th grade and is playing the Saxophone in school. He is learning, so some days the practice time is more enjoyable than others. He is very much into WWE right now, and loves when his cousins come over to wrestle. He is such a smart young man, so sweet with his baby sister.

Aspen is also playing an instrument, she chose the Cello. Again, its a learning process. She loves singing and making videos. She is quick to help and we call her the "Baby Whisperer" for a reason. When Emery Kate is upset and csn't seem to be calmed, Aspen gets her settled right away. Every mom needs an Aspen in their life.

Sage is now in 3rd grade and still quite the comedian. She has us laughing ALL DAY LONG. Her sense of humor is astounding, and her laughter contagious. How I love that little girl. She loves playing Wizards with her sister and cousin, Ilianna. She also has a slight obsession with Eeyore.

I love my life and I can't imagine it any other way. I look forward to new adventures, and hope to update this more often than twice a year. Haha :)