Thursday, October 30, 2008

Is it really possible....

To be "Halloweened out" when Halloween isn't even here yet? At least this year I feel like they have gotten a decent use out of their costumes!
Tuesday we went with Jaden to the Halloween party put on by the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. We had a yummy meal, played games, and trick or treated.
Last night was Farrens work party. That is always a blast!
This morning was Sage's preschool party, all siblings invited.
Tonight the PTA is putting on a huge party at the school.
Tomorrow is Halloween.
Saturday we have birthday parties and a baptism. I was also asked to make a 4 teired cake.
Ya, Im done with Halloween and it hasnt even happened yet!
The kids do look adorable in their costumes though. I will post pictures once all is said and done with!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

We are BACK!

So, last Sunday the kids and I flew to Orange County and met up with my Mom, sister Kristine, and her family. Woohoo! What fun we had! We had a VERY bumpy flight. In fact, the overhead light broke off and hit Sage in the head because our landing was so rough! When we exited the plane, Sage was convinced we played a joke on her and we just went for a plane ride. She thought the plane was going to drop us off at our hotel. Apparently she doesn't remember flying to Boston, or Denver or anywhere else she has flown.

Once we dropped our bags at the hotel, we went straight to Disney. Let me start by saying I bought a new camera, just for this trip (Kodak Easy Share) so I wouldn't have to lug around my Rebel. It SUCKS. My pictures look grainy and blurry (at least on my computer) and 99% of them have red eye. Grrrr.... I guess you get what you pay for, and obviously my cheap "back up" camera, is just that. Cheap. Oh well.

We immediately met Goofy and Pluto.

Then did some rides. We were there maybe 3 hours, and my batteries died on Finding Nemo. They were fresh batteries. So, we missed many photo ops. Major Bummer. Once I found a booth to sell me batteries then we were good to go again. Til the next morning. (Then I remembered to bring the extras I had packed thank goodness) We did almost everything in one day. It is great how efficient Disney is at moving lines. Lines that would take 2 hours at our local park only took 15-20 minutes. Aspen became quite smitten with Uncle Joe. I think this is teh most she has ever been around him. He held his hand, wanted to ride everything with him, and asked is he could have a sleepover in our room. LOL They had fun together!

By the end of the first night we were POOPED. All my kids were asleep at the table at the restaurant, and poor Joe had to carry the girls.

Monday we were back at Disney, and this time Farren was able to join us. We did a few things at Disney then headed across to California Adventure. The girls and I watched Playhouse Disney Live on Stage while Joe, Farren, Kyson, and Jaden did the Tower of Terror. The girls LOVED the Disney Show and sang and danced the whole way through. It was awesome! Then we watched the Pixar Parade. It was cute, though the girls weren't thrilled that each float sprays you with water. We ended that night back at Disney in time to see their amazing parade. Another great day and very tired children! I am SO glad that our family decided to join us. Kyson had so much fun riding with Jaden on things and not being the only boy. He is totally at the "Boys RULE and girls DROOL" stage!

I love this picture because Sage's face is just like the Queen of Hearts.

Speaking of Sage, can I just tell you all how stinkin proud of that girl I am? She is afraid of all rides. She won't go on ANYTHING at Lagoon. At Disney she went one everything she was tall enough, including Space Mountain, the train roller coaster, and another roller coaster. She did AWESOME. No tears, no fears. She went on everything without question!

Often, while we rode something that was a bit rough, Kristine and Joe would wait with Baby Zane and then we would get a "fast Pass" for them when we got off, so we could take the baby and they could ride. It worked out great, especially since Sage was also too short for a few things like Indianna Jones, and we would use the "switch times" for potty breaks! I have to say though, Universal's Child Switch is MUCH nicer. At Disney you wait outside near the exit. At Universal you get rooms with toddler toys, water fountains, chairs, changing tables, the works. That was the one area they beat out Disney. (Though Disney wouldnt have the space I know)

Cute Zane

Tuesday came time to say goodbye to our family. Mom, Kristine and Joe all had to get back to work, so they went home and we headed south to Sea World. We started off by watching Shamu in the viewing tank. That was neat.

Then we noticed how empty it was. There was not a soul in sight. How lovely that was! Then we headed to the dolphin pool. Man those Dolphins loved Farren. He had them all by him, he touched them all (along with Kyson and Sage)

He didnt just touch them, they came right up to him and stayed there and rubbed their faces on his hands (must love the callouses hahahaha) Aspen was SO sad she didn't get to touch them. (I was disappointed too) We did most of Sea World then watched the Shamu Show (yes, the soak zone soaks you. We knew that but when I said wet I guess the girls thought I meant a sprinkle. They FrEaKeD oUt!!! Kyson LOVED getting wet. Then we hurried over to the Dolphin show which was HILARIOUS. The Dolphin trainers put on a great show!

Wednesday we got up early and drove into LA and did Universal Studios.

It was okay, but whoever told me not to waste the time, energy, and money was right. Farren remembered it as a great place, and he was really disappointed also. But, the kids met Beetlejuice, Frankenstein, Shrek, Fionna, Curious George and Dora there. (of course When we met Dora, yet ANOTHER set of batteries had died, add them to the ones we changed at Sea World and I am so far out 4 sets of batteries, but I was out and had put in fresh ones and never dreamed they would die so soon, so I didnt have more with me. (and no, I wasn't leaving my camera on) While we were watching a thing about special effects, Kyson and Aspen, along with 2 adults were chosen to be part of the show. Well, at the end they had one guy go behind a silhouette and a "monster" comes and eats him. Well, Aspen was still on stage, saw this man being eaten (looked very real) and just sobbed. She was SO worried about that poor man who had just been eaten. Sweet girl, her own safety never crossed her mind. She just sobbed. All after that, anytime people who were in the show would see us, they would stop us to tell us how sweet she is.

This morning we got up early, I got us all packed and organized and we headed back to Disney to do a few rides the kids still wanted to do and also to shop a bit. Sage REALLY wanted to do Peter Pan's Flight. Of course it was the longest line in Fantasy Land, but we waited. And waited. And waited. And Kyson and Aspen and Farren went on two rides. And we get almost to the front and the ride broke down. We left without going on Peter Pan. So, we did a few more rides, met Eeyore and did some shopping.
Can I just whine that we were at Disney for 3 days and didn't get to see ONE princess except Cinderella was on a float in the parade? Not ONE Princess.

When we got on the train to go from New Orleans Square to Tomorrow Land to get a toy Kyson wanted, we saw Mary Poppins. (We were too far away for a photo op) Anyways, Sage yells out LOOK! Its Mary Kirkhams (my good friend who was kind enough to feed the cat while we were gone LOL) See Mary, we were still thinking about you!

We had a wonderful time. I hope (but doubt) the kids are old enough to remember it. With Farren working as much as he does so I can stay home and be Mom (THANK YOU FARREN!!!) We don't get away much. So this was really nice.

I have to say that Aspen is the PERFECT age for Disney. She is 6 1/2 We would be on rides and she would get scared of something, then see a character who is "good" and wave and say Hi Jimminey. Hi Jimmeny. She is at the age where everything is real. (The downfall is the monster eating the man) I LOVE this age, and I wish I could experience it all again through her eyes.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

PAILS, year 2

Every October SHARE teams up with Larkin Mortuary to hold the annual Walk To Remember. This is a small branch of the huge main walk in St. Louis. It was cold again, but this year no other services were being held, so we got to have the program inside.

This year's keynote speakers were Ortho Fairbanks and his sweet wife. While living in Hawaii and teaching at what is now BYU Hawaii they gave birth to a son, Hyrum. Hyrum passed away due to a heart defect at 19 hours old. They spoke about how they know, after 40 years, that talking about your precious child will never fail to bring a tear to your eye.

Ortho, years later, was approached through his son by Richard Paul Evans (author of The Christmas Box). Mr. Evans wanted Ortho to sculpt a statue like the one depicted in The Christmas Box. This statue would later be put in the Salt Lake City Cemetary. Now there are many worldwide.

After they spoke we did a musical number and headed outside for our walk. Then we got our balloons and this year they had Sharpies for us to write messages on. We all wrote messages (I wrote what teh kids wanted to say, I was worried they would press too hard and the balloons would pop. One by one they read the names off. This year Savannah was the third name. I wasn't prepared to have to let it go so soon.

THIS article was in The Deseret News, and here are some of my photos.
Waiting to get started..... (Farren never smiles in pictures)
Myrna and Ortho Fairbanks
A small version of the statue Ortho created.
Roses they had for each of the Mothers.
Balloons waiting to be sent for our babies to play with.
Aspen and Daddy walking for Savannah.
A family picture with our balloons for Savannah.
We miss and love her so very much!
I hate that she is missing from this picture.

Kyson's Balloon

Sage's Balloon.
Aspen's Balloon.
Farren's Balloon.
(I didn't even THINK to take a picture of mine. I wish I had)

Savannah's Balloons once we had let them go.
I love how they all stayed together, in a "family" grouping.

My rose I got since I am her Mother.
It is amazing for me to look at how much our family has changed in the last 18 months. Our marriage is stronger than ever before. I think we also have come to appreciate life in a way that many people can't. I would never wish this type of understanding on anyone, because what it takes to posess it, but I can look at things and see that we have taken them for granted in the past. Sitting up all night holding your son who can barely breathe through his croupe is a blessing. Having your schedual so jam packed because you are coaching football, being room parents and on PTA is a blessing.
We haven't "moved on" We never will. You don't get over things like this, and our Savannah Grace will always be the missing peice, but we have moved forward. If you had asked me at the Walk last year where we would be today, I would have never guessed here. I would have never guessed that we could come so far, and find such joy again in our family.
Savannah, we talk about you all the time. Sometimes Daddy and I will say DANG, Sav would be 18 months old now, or Sage will ask if she can mail you a letter in Heaven, and ask if you get to play with toys in Heaven, and if you like dogs. I see Aspen pointing out your things in your cabinet to her friends sometimes, and Kyson makes sure he doesn't golf in the living room so he won't break your things. We talk about how different our lives would be with you still here with us. Each time we talk about you, its with a few less tears and a few more smiles. Your beautiful face and your crooked ear, just like Daddy's. I think I am the odd ball out on that one, all of you have your Daddy's ear. Your perfect feet and the long long fingers. I have no doubt you would have been amazing on the piano.
We love and miss you Sav,
Love Mommy.

Monday, October 13, 2008

One more hair post....

Because I really like how this turned out.
View from the top.
View of the back

View of the underside.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The First Snow of the Season

This morning the kids ran in my room and woke me up SO excited that it had snowed. It was suppose to snow yesterday afternoon, and they were highly disappointed when bedtime came without any snow. Anyway, they ran in. "It snowed it snowed Mom" Yes, I know, I drove home from BUNCO in it last night. I wouldn't let them go out to play yet. I got Sage ready for church (she looked adorable and I will add a pic when she gets home) and after a while I let the kids go out and play. They are STILL out there, and it has been almost 2 hours. They made this snowman, and I think it is the cutest snowman ever! Not bad considering we got MAYBE an inch of snow. The grass is poking out the top!
Is it bad that this snow is making me want to skip Halloween, play Christmas music, and set up my tree?

Friday, October 10, 2008

Kid Tag

I saw this elsewhere and thought it would be fun. Man we had some serious laughs during this!!

About Mom!

1. What does Mom always say to you?

Kyson- I love you
Aspen- Nice Words
Sage- You love me

2. What makes Mom happy?

Kyson-Me (he has great self-esteem)
Aspen- I give you hugs and kisses
Sage- Giving you hugs (then gives me one. Aww...)

3. What makes Mom sad?

Kyson-I don't know, but I'd be sad if you and Dad got divorced. (lots of divorces going on
around us. NOTHING with us personally, so don't worry)
Aspen- Lets see here... Hmmm....if someone dies.
Sage- Hitting

4. How does Mom make you laugh?

Kyson-Tickling Me
Aspen- When you tickle me
Sage- "giggle" saying how do you make me laugh makes me laugh.

5. How Old Is Mom?

Kyson-25 1/2, I mean 24, no, I mean 25

6. How Tall is Mom?

Kyson- Let me go get a measuring tape. Stand Up. Measure how tall you are. 62 inches, is
that right?
Aspen- (She used the side of her hand and counted as she "karate chopped" up my body) 33
Sage- 30 pounds

7. What does Mom like to do?

Kyson- (giggle) That is hard. Oh I know, to be my Mom.
Aspen- Shop
Sage- Play with me.

8. What is Mom's job?

Kyson- DUH! be my Mom.
Aspen- Take care of me.
Sage- Clean Bathrooms

9. What is Mom's favorite food?

Kyson- Spaghetti Factory
Aspen- The thing we had tonight.
Sage- Vegetables

10. How do you know Mom loves you?

Kyson- Gives me hugs goodnight
Aspen- Because I love you.
Sage- Because I crazy.

TOO funny!!! Then Farren wanted me to ask the questions again about him. here are those replies.

1. What does Dad always say to you?

Kyson-Thats hard. Skip-NO don't skip.....How was school?
Aspen- I'm gonna beat you up.
Sage- Hmmmm........get dressed.

2. What makes Dad happy?

Kyson- ME! because I bow to him. Did you really write that> OH YEAH!!!
Aspen- When I tickle his foot.
Sage- Jumping on him.

3. What makes Dad sad?

Kyson- If I don't bow to him.
Aspen- When he gets hurt at work.
Sage- Jumping on him. (no, that isnt a typo, apparently that makes him happy and sad)

4. How does Dad make you laugh?

Kyson- By saying funny stuff
Aspen- I'll see. (walks to Dad) "Do something to me and see if I laugh"
Sage- When I touch his forhead... "Hahahaha Daddy. I made you laugh"

5. How old is Dad?

Kyson- 31
Aspen- 32
Sage- 58

6. How tall is Dad?

Kyson- 71 centimeters, no feet.
Aspen- measures- 72 feet.
Sage- 11 tall

7. What does Dad like to do?

Kyson-Go dump papers
Aspen- Go out with Crock
Sage- he likes to play with me

8. What is Dad's job?

Kyson- To Work
Aspen- Working
Sage- work and hitting everyone (I have NO idea whats up with that LOL I think at this point
she was being silly.

9. What is Dad's favorite food?

Kyson-The place that Mom says has rats. (he is referring to a dive that Farren loves near his
Moms house.)
Aspen- Oh man, I'm not doing that one.
Sage- Vegetables

10. How do you know Dad loves you?

Kyson- We watch TV
Aspen- Cuz he tickles me and loves me.
Sage- I give him root beer and diet coke (we dont EVER drink Diet Coke, thanks Mary and
Tiffani for corrupting my kid)

Ya, we really enjoyed that! I tag.......... Mary, Mom (just do Lex and Illi) Tiffani, April, Sarah, Steph, Monica, and anyone else who reads this who has children!

Because I had a gazillion people stop me to comment on Sage's hair

I will put some pictures of it here. It takes about 10 minutes to do.
View from the top.

The back

Monday, October 6, 2008

Discovery Gateway and a very embarrassing moment!

Today I took Sage and Jesi (see Mary, I didn't type Jesse lol) to Discovery Gateway for some fun! We have about 3 months left on our annual membership, so I wanted to get at least 1 more use out of it. I told them we were going shopping, so they were very surprised when we walked in. They had so much fun. I think the ball area is one of their favorites. You can open these tubes and the air sucks the ball up then you can watch it go through tubes.

They played in there for awhile, and then it was time for their "Music and Motion" class. That was way cute. This class was about fire safety.

Here are more various pictures from our day at the museum. The kids loved playing "store" and making papers fly up through the windtunnels.

After Gateway Discovery the kids wanted to ride the lightrail system. So, we hopped and and rode a few stops then switched trains and came back to where we started.

We went back in the same elevator we had used when we got out of our car. It is two elevators side by side. I knew I was on the lowest parking level, so I hit teh lowest one and we get out of teh elevator and my car was gone. I figured I was mistaken so we get back in the same elevator and check the next level up, again and again and again. Finally I freak out and call Farren and as soon as he said hello I started crying LOL. I said the car got stolen, and he said he was on his way. I checked all the levels again and no car. So I go to teh desk and had them call security. They get my car description and I said I parked RIGHT at the door and it isn't there. So, off they went to look, came back a few minutes later and had found my car. I was SO embarrassed. Apparently the elevator I took (there are two side by side) is technically a service elevator for teh museum even though it isnt labled, so it only goes down to P2 since that is the lowest level where they have access ect. I was on P1. So, I thanked them, and with my tail between my legs we left. (I was much more paniced about the things in my trunk than my car) Before they went to look I asked him if this happens a lot. He said it never use to, but lately cars get stolen from there lots. He said just on HIS shift last week there were 5 cars stolen. Hmm...... maybe I will take trax next time!

After that we stopped at Cafe Rio for a late lunch. YUM. We love Cafe Rio.

next time I will show you what I did over the weekend, but this was a crazy day, so it took priority!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Now that things have calmed down...

These last two weeks have been InSaNe and my house is definately worse for it. Kyson got sick last week, Monday. Farren took him in and he had croupe. They gave him the steroids, but they just were not working. A few days later we took him back and they gave an antibiotic. That seemed to help, but he missed the entire week of school. Because he felt so fine during the day, he helped out around the house, we did puzzles, and all that sort of fun stuff. He went back to school this past Monday and has done well, though still adjusting to all those nights with no sleep.

This past Tuesday Sage fell asleep on my living room floor at about 4 o'clock. When we woke her for dinner, she didn't want to eat, and had a mild fever. I held her til almost 1 am, layed her in my bed and grabbed a very late dinner. Through the night she never coughed, but her fever got pretty high, to just over 104. In the morning she was asleep, so I got the kids to school (had Mary drive them) and I started a roast in the crockpot. I was just finishing up and I heard a gasp sound. I went in to check on Sage and her lips were white, but her face all around her mouth was blue. I woke her up and she started to breathe again.

We went straight into Urgent Care (we currently don't have a regular ped. as ours took a leave of absence and we havent found anyone we like yet) They got her right back and they gave her a breathing treatment and some steroids. They were thinking pnemonia because she hadn't displayed that very distinct bark like children with croup have. They did the X-Rays and they were fine. The doctor thinks that it was also croupe (which was my thinking because Kyson had just had it) He said he thinks she turned blue because she was refusing to cough because coughing caused pain, and with her laying on her back, the mucus formed a plug in her throat.

He also said that for her to have such severe symptoms during the day, when croup usually only shows itself at night was not good, and he was betting we would be up at Primary's sometime that night and end up admitted. That kinda freaked me out. I asked to get a script for a nebulizer machine, and he gave me one, along with a seperate set of tubing for each of my kids. Since leaving there she has done amazingly well. No trips to the hospital, a small cough here and there, but really, ZERO symptoms. This doctor was awesome though. I can't speak highly enough about him. Conisdering we were at InstaCare and we had never met him and we werent his regular patients, he went above and beyond. He personally called me the next morning to make sure Sage was doing okay and hadn't been in the hospital, he made sure we got the machine set up (which we haven't needed) and all that jazz. He was really terriffic.

I have a picture of her getting her treatment done that I took with my phone, but everytime I email it to myself, even though it shows an attachment and a large file size, nothing is ever there. So, if I can figure it out I will add a photo. If not, you will just have to trust me that even as sick as she was, she was still as sweet and beautiful as always.

Thank you Lindsay for helping with my photo issues.

Most nights I clean each room, sweep, vacuum ect to prepare it for kids coming the next day. The night Sage got sick and i was up all night with her, I skipped the cleaning part. ONE night. Just ONE. I got home from the doctors the next morning and went down to the den. One of the kids had brought a cookie down stairs even though kids aren't allowed to eat out of the kitchen, and my floor was covered in ants. I was just tired and done for the day. I didn't know what to do, so I sat down and cried. (later talking to a neighbor 2 doors south of me, she said that she and the 3 homes south of her have all had major ant problems this summer, so at least I know it isn't just me, but of course, my luck lately, the ONE time I didnt vacuum and do my nightly pick up we got ants. At least I havent seen them since)

Between sick kids and normal life, PTA ect I am so tired. This morning Sage and I took the other kids to school and came home and went back to bed. I got a wake up call at 1030 am from a neighbor, and I am SO glad she called. We could have easily slept the entire day away. This evening I went out for milk after the kids were in bed. I was also dropping off a disc from a photo shoot I had done for a friend. Her mother is in town and they pulled in the driveway the same time I did. They had been at Walmart getting things to help re-organize the girls bedrooms. So I helped carry things in and stayed til almost 1030. Hmmm. Farren called once and asked what grocery store I had gone too :)

I noticed these beautiful curtains hanging up and asked where she got them. She said Oh my Mom made them. later her Mom was hanging up a dress and I said ooooooooh cute, I almost got one just like that only a different fabric at Gymboree today, where did you get that? She says really, My mom made it. EVERYTHING that I said was so cute in their closet, yep, you guessed it. Mary's mom made it. I wish I was crafty like that! I am just not.

The only things my kids have I have sewn are pillowcases and Aspen has a dress I made her to go to church in (with my Moms help) because the low end stores didnt have any summer dresses that were appropriate for my child at all, let alone for church, and the ones I could find that I did like at other stores were way too much money. My only mistake with that dress is the fabric. Its blue gingham. It looks VERY Wizard of Oz like. In fact, the kids school had a read-a-thon family night and the kids were supposed to dress up like their favorite character. I threw that dress on her, put red bows in her hair, borrowed "ruby slippers" from Anna and sure enough, Aspen won first prize.

In fact, Sage got a Snow White Costume for Christmas last year, and the bottom hem was undone. I had bought it at Sam's Club, and they didnt have anymore, so I told her I would rehem it. Ya, I still haven't, and it has been almost a year. Oops. Maybe I will do that tomorrow....

Update almost 3 1/2 hours later. About 15 minutes after I made this entry, Sage started barking and wouldn't stop. She could barely breathe, so now, we have finally used the nebulizer. Poor kid.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


After the last 2 weeks we have had, I can only post something positive and funny. So, here goes.

Sage calls sneezes Bless Yous. She always has. Tonight she is sitting on my lap and says Mom, you better move or I will bless you. I wasnt even thinking and said okay, bless me.

She sneezed right in my face. I said WHAT did you do that for, and she says you told me to.

Ahhh the joys.