Friday, October 10, 2008

Kid Tag

I saw this elsewhere and thought it would be fun. Man we had some serious laughs during this!!

About Mom!

1. What does Mom always say to you?

Kyson- I love you
Aspen- Nice Words
Sage- You love me

2. What makes Mom happy?

Kyson-Me (he has great self-esteem)
Aspen- I give you hugs and kisses
Sage- Giving you hugs (then gives me one. Aww...)

3. What makes Mom sad?

Kyson-I don't know, but I'd be sad if you and Dad got divorced. (lots of divorces going on
around us. NOTHING with us personally, so don't worry)
Aspen- Lets see here... Hmmm....if someone dies.
Sage- Hitting

4. How does Mom make you laugh?

Kyson-Tickling Me
Aspen- When you tickle me
Sage- "giggle" saying how do you make me laugh makes me laugh.

5. How Old Is Mom?

Kyson-25 1/2, I mean 24, no, I mean 25

6. How Tall is Mom?

Kyson- Let me go get a measuring tape. Stand Up. Measure how tall you are. 62 inches, is
that right?
Aspen- (She used the side of her hand and counted as she "karate chopped" up my body) 33
Sage- 30 pounds

7. What does Mom like to do?

Kyson- (giggle) That is hard. Oh I know, to be my Mom.
Aspen- Shop
Sage- Play with me.

8. What is Mom's job?

Kyson- DUH! be my Mom.
Aspen- Take care of me.
Sage- Clean Bathrooms

9. What is Mom's favorite food?

Kyson- Spaghetti Factory
Aspen- The thing we had tonight.
Sage- Vegetables

10. How do you know Mom loves you?

Kyson- Gives me hugs goodnight
Aspen- Because I love you.
Sage- Because I crazy.

TOO funny!!! Then Farren wanted me to ask the questions again about him. here are those replies.

1. What does Dad always say to you?

Kyson-Thats hard. Skip-NO don't skip.....How was school?
Aspen- I'm gonna beat you up.
Sage- Hmmmm........get dressed.

2. What makes Dad happy?

Kyson- ME! because I bow to him. Did you really write that> OH YEAH!!!
Aspen- When I tickle his foot.
Sage- Jumping on him.

3. What makes Dad sad?

Kyson- If I don't bow to him.
Aspen- When he gets hurt at work.
Sage- Jumping on him. (no, that isnt a typo, apparently that makes him happy and sad)

4. How does Dad make you laugh?

Kyson- By saying funny stuff
Aspen- I'll see. (walks to Dad) "Do something to me and see if I laugh"
Sage- When I touch his forhead... "Hahahaha Daddy. I made you laugh"

5. How old is Dad?

Kyson- 31
Aspen- 32
Sage- 58

6. How tall is Dad?

Kyson- 71 centimeters, no feet.
Aspen- measures- 72 feet.
Sage- 11 tall

7. What does Dad like to do?

Kyson-Go dump papers
Aspen- Go out with Crock
Sage- he likes to play with me

8. What is Dad's job?

Kyson- To Work
Aspen- Working
Sage- work and hitting everyone (I have NO idea whats up with that LOL I think at this point
she was being silly.

9. What is Dad's favorite food?

Kyson-The place that Mom says has rats. (he is referring to a dive that Farren loves near his
Moms house.)
Aspen- Oh man, I'm not doing that one.
Sage- Vegetables

10. How do you know Dad loves you?

Kyson- We watch TV
Aspen- Cuz he tickles me and loves me.
Sage- I give him root beer and diet coke (we dont EVER drink Diet Coke, thanks Mary and
Tiffani for corrupting my kid)

Ya, we really enjoyed that! I tag.......... Mary, Mom (just do Lex and Illi) Tiffani, April, Sarah, Steph, Monica, and anyone else who reads this who has children!


Monica said...

1. What does Mom always say to you?

David - Watch what you say David.
Kyle - Good job,your getting good grades.
Ralph - Good fish

2. What makes Mom happy?

David - me not having a girlfriend
Kyle- Good grades
Ralph - Catching a very big fish

3. What makes Mom sad?

David - Bad grades
Kyle - Bad grades
Ralph - when I beat her fishing

4. How does Mom make you laugh?

David- tells me jokes
Kyle- I don't know.
Ralph - funny fishy jokes

5. How Old Is Mom?

David - 33 years young
Kyle - 18
Ralph - 33

6. How Tall is Mom?

David - almost as tall as me
Kyle - shorter than me.
Ralph - shorter thn dad.

7. What does Mom like to do?

David - tell us to do chores
Kyle - watch tv
Ralph - go fishing

8. What is Mom's job?

David - sounds really hard
Kyle - exciting
Ralph - Venture Bank

9. What is Mom's favorite food?

David - King Ranch Chicken
Kyle - American food
Ralph - Ice cream

10. How do you know Mom loves you?

David - I work really hard around the house and she tells me I do a good job.
Kyle - she gives me alot of love.
Ralph - she taught me how to fish.

vickicon said...

I'll try it.

The Leavitt Crew said...

(Evil laugh) I will get to them all... Sage is just the first... :o)

Anonymous said...

How fun! I'm going to try that.