Friday, October 3, 2008

Now that things have calmed down...

These last two weeks have been InSaNe and my house is definately worse for it. Kyson got sick last week, Monday. Farren took him in and he had croupe. They gave him the steroids, but they just were not working. A few days later we took him back and they gave an antibiotic. That seemed to help, but he missed the entire week of school. Because he felt so fine during the day, he helped out around the house, we did puzzles, and all that sort of fun stuff. He went back to school this past Monday and has done well, though still adjusting to all those nights with no sleep.

This past Tuesday Sage fell asleep on my living room floor at about 4 o'clock. When we woke her for dinner, she didn't want to eat, and had a mild fever. I held her til almost 1 am, layed her in my bed and grabbed a very late dinner. Through the night she never coughed, but her fever got pretty high, to just over 104. In the morning she was asleep, so I got the kids to school (had Mary drive them) and I started a roast in the crockpot. I was just finishing up and I heard a gasp sound. I went in to check on Sage and her lips were white, but her face all around her mouth was blue. I woke her up and she started to breathe again.

We went straight into Urgent Care (we currently don't have a regular ped. as ours took a leave of absence and we havent found anyone we like yet) They got her right back and they gave her a breathing treatment and some steroids. They were thinking pnemonia because she hadn't displayed that very distinct bark like children with croup have. They did the X-Rays and they were fine. The doctor thinks that it was also croupe (which was my thinking because Kyson had just had it) He said he thinks she turned blue because she was refusing to cough because coughing caused pain, and with her laying on her back, the mucus formed a plug in her throat.

He also said that for her to have such severe symptoms during the day, when croup usually only shows itself at night was not good, and he was betting we would be up at Primary's sometime that night and end up admitted. That kinda freaked me out. I asked to get a script for a nebulizer machine, and he gave me one, along with a seperate set of tubing for each of my kids. Since leaving there she has done amazingly well. No trips to the hospital, a small cough here and there, but really, ZERO symptoms. This doctor was awesome though. I can't speak highly enough about him. Conisdering we were at InstaCare and we had never met him and we werent his regular patients, he went above and beyond. He personally called me the next morning to make sure Sage was doing okay and hadn't been in the hospital, he made sure we got the machine set up (which we haven't needed) and all that jazz. He was really terriffic.

I have a picture of her getting her treatment done that I took with my phone, but everytime I email it to myself, even though it shows an attachment and a large file size, nothing is ever there. So, if I can figure it out I will add a photo. If not, you will just have to trust me that even as sick as she was, she was still as sweet and beautiful as always.

Thank you Lindsay for helping with my photo issues.

Most nights I clean each room, sweep, vacuum ect to prepare it for kids coming the next day. The night Sage got sick and i was up all night with her, I skipped the cleaning part. ONE night. Just ONE. I got home from the doctors the next morning and went down to the den. One of the kids had brought a cookie down stairs even though kids aren't allowed to eat out of the kitchen, and my floor was covered in ants. I was just tired and done for the day. I didn't know what to do, so I sat down and cried. (later talking to a neighbor 2 doors south of me, she said that she and the 3 homes south of her have all had major ant problems this summer, so at least I know it isn't just me, but of course, my luck lately, the ONE time I didnt vacuum and do my nightly pick up we got ants. At least I havent seen them since)

Between sick kids and normal life, PTA ect I am so tired. This morning Sage and I took the other kids to school and came home and went back to bed. I got a wake up call at 1030 am from a neighbor, and I am SO glad she called. We could have easily slept the entire day away. This evening I went out for milk after the kids were in bed. I was also dropping off a disc from a photo shoot I had done for a friend. Her mother is in town and they pulled in the driveway the same time I did. They had been at Walmart getting things to help re-organize the girls bedrooms. So I helped carry things in and stayed til almost 1030. Hmmm. Farren called once and asked what grocery store I had gone too :)

I noticed these beautiful curtains hanging up and asked where she got them. She said Oh my Mom made them. later her Mom was hanging up a dress and I said ooooooooh cute, I almost got one just like that only a different fabric at Gymboree today, where did you get that? She says really, My mom made it. EVERYTHING that I said was so cute in their closet, yep, you guessed it. Mary's mom made it. I wish I was crafty like that! I am just not.

The only things my kids have I have sewn are pillowcases and Aspen has a dress I made her to go to church in (with my Moms help) because the low end stores didnt have any summer dresses that were appropriate for my child at all, let alone for church, and the ones I could find that I did like at other stores were way too much money. My only mistake with that dress is the fabric. Its blue gingham. It looks VERY Wizard of Oz like. In fact, the kids school had a read-a-thon family night and the kids were supposed to dress up like their favorite character. I threw that dress on her, put red bows in her hair, borrowed "ruby slippers" from Anna and sure enough, Aspen won first prize.

In fact, Sage got a Snow White Costume for Christmas last year, and the bottom hem was undone. I had bought it at Sam's Club, and they didnt have anymore, so I told her I would rehem it. Ya, I still haven't, and it has been almost a year. Oops. Maybe I will do that tomorrow....

Update almost 3 1/2 hours later. About 15 minutes after I made this entry, Sage started barking and wouldn't stop. She could barely breathe, so now, we have finally used the nebulizer. Poor kid.

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vickicon said...

When I got ants, I sprayed well, then put those little disc ant traps around and that seemed to work. How is Sage doing? You need to stay home more; you're on the go too much.