Monday, October 6, 2008

Discovery Gateway and a very embarrassing moment!

Today I took Sage and Jesi (see Mary, I didn't type Jesse lol) to Discovery Gateway for some fun! We have about 3 months left on our annual membership, so I wanted to get at least 1 more use out of it. I told them we were going shopping, so they were very surprised when we walked in. They had so much fun. I think the ball area is one of their favorites. You can open these tubes and the air sucks the ball up then you can watch it go through tubes.

They played in there for awhile, and then it was time for their "Music and Motion" class. That was way cute. This class was about fire safety.

Here are more various pictures from our day at the museum. The kids loved playing "store" and making papers fly up through the windtunnels.

After Gateway Discovery the kids wanted to ride the lightrail system. So, we hopped and and rode a few stops then switched trains and came back to where we started.

We went back in the same elevator we had used when we got out of our car. It is two elevators side by side. I knew I was on the lowest parking level, so I hit teh lowest one and we get out of teh elevator and my car was gone. I figured I was mistaken so we get back in the same elevator and check the next level up, again and again and again. Finally I freak out and call Farren and as soon as he said hello I started crying LOL. I said the car got stolen, and he said he was on his way. I checked all the levels again and no car. So I go to teh desk and had them call security. They get my car description and I said I parked RIGHT at the door and it isn't there. So, off they went to look, came back a few minutes later and had found my car. I was SO embarrassed. Apparently the elevator I took (there are two side by side) is technically a service elevator for teh museum even though it isnt labled, so it only goes down to P2 since that is the lowest level where they have access ect. I was on P1. So, I thanked them, and with my tail between my legs we left. (I was much more paniced about the things in my trunk than my car) Before they went to look I asked him if this happens a lot. He said it never use to, but lately cars get stolen from there lots. He said just on HIS shift last week there were 5 cars stolen. Hmm...... maybe I will take trax next time!

After that we stopped at Cafe Rio for a late lunch. YUM. We love Cafe Rio.

next time I will show you what I did over the weekend, but this was a crazy day, so it took priority!


vickicon said...

Was Farren mad at you?

Emily said...

nope, he laughed at me, but he wasnt mad at all.

Sarah said...

Thanks for the giggle! I would have been a little embarassed too. lol