Thursday, October 30, 2008

Is it really possible....

To be "Halloweened out" when Halloween isn't even here yet? At least this year I feel like they have gotten a decent use out of their costumes!
Tuesday we went with Jaden to the Halloween party put on by the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. We had a yummy meal, played games, and trick or treated.
Last night was Farrens work party. That is always a blast!
This morning was Sage's preschool party, all siblings invited.
Tonight the PTA is putting on a huge party at the school.
Tomorrow is Halloween.
Saturday we have birthday parties and a baptism. I was also asked to make a 4 teired cake.
Ya, Im done with Halloween and it hasnt even happened yet!
The kids do look adorable in their costumes though. I will post pictures once all is said and done with!

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