Sunday, November 2, 2008

My Sweet Sweet Girl!

The next few posts likely wont be in "calendar order" I have lots to tell you about, but who knows what order they will get put down. I will put Halloween pictures and talk about the cake I did for Heather soon, but I wanted to tell you guys how sweet my little Sageycakes is.

She can not watch Charlotte's Web without bawling. She gets so upset, that the time we had a babysitter, I had to put it off limits to watch. When it gets to the part where Fern has to give Wilbur to her Uncle to live on their farm like a normal pig, Sage just cries. She is so sad that Fern has to give up her beloved pet.

Well, Friday night I moved my little TV from my scrapbook room so I could watch a movie while I decorated Heather's cakes. All week I have done little to no housework. I had 8 kids, plus a few extras here and there all week. So, the most I did was wash my dishes since my new dishwasher quit working. (We got that repaired on Friday, the wiring in the control panel had come undone.)

Anyhow, I decided today would be a great day to organize my pantry. Its full, overflowing. We have so much stinkin food! So, since the TV was already in there, I popped in Andre. We were watching (the girls are sitting at the table with a snack) and I look over and Sage is silently sobbing. I asked what was wrong. She said they were talking about getting rid of the seal. She said that is the saddest thing she ever saw. LOL. She cried off and on through the entire movie.

My sweet little Sage. My other kids have never been so perseptive in movies, but she certainly is.

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