Monday, November 3, 2008

Just The Two of Us!!

So as a special reward (which seems to happen almost every weekend) the kids wanted to sleep downstairs and watch a movie and eat popcorn. So we got them all set up, and Aspen came upstairs. She wanted Mom time instead of movie time. So, she invited me to her room for a sleepover.

We got pillows from my bed (I HAVE to sleep with my pillows) and we turned on a movie and I slept with her in her room. She thought that was the coolest thing ever! She thought it was even cooler that I was still there in the morning when she got up, and I didn't sneak out to my own bed in the middle of the night.

We really feel that one on one time is super important. We try to make sure the kids each get time with one of us, uninterupted. I took Aspen to see Annie at Kingsbury Hall, and I took Sage to Disney on Ice. Farren just took Kyson to the Utes football game, and I have plans to take him to a dinosaur show that is coming in January. Those are some of the bigger things we have done, but usually its small things, like Farren rotates who gets to go with him Saturday mornings to dump papers and go to the bank. Sometimes kids will get to stay up late with just Mom and play a game or do a puzzle.

We hope that the kids will remember these special times, and they will remember they are not just part of the family unit, but also individual people. We are very lucky to have such amazing kids, and we want them to know each of them is so special.

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Brandee said...

I have thought this a thousand times and never said it. I think you are a such a great mom. You really do put your kids first and I admire that!! :-)