Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Poor Chickadee and a Worried Chickadee

Lately Sage has been having food allergy issues again. Her face breaks out in blisters if she eats something she shouldnt. She has stopped all egg product but it hasn't helped. Yesterday afternoon her face looked rashy, and by bedtime she was crying because it hurt so bad. It had become blistered and was bleeding. Poor babe. I think its back to see Dr. Goodman for a new batch of allergy testing.
Now for my worried chickadee. Tomorrow is Friday. Every Friday they have spelling tests at school. Aspen is a perfectionist. If she colors outside the lines, she throws it away and starts over. If she has to erase something, it is the end of the world. Well, tomorrow's spelling test is going to be a challenge. We have practiced, but she is still struggling. She is all sorts of worked up about taking this test. I hope she can calm down enough to concentrate. When she is nervous her b's are written as d's. and she loses points for that. Cross your fingers.
Some days I am so glad Kyson isn't a worrier. He doesn't care if he misses things (and sometimes I wish he would) He is so laid back. He is just like his father. His biggest worry is which friend he will play with that day.


vickicon said...

When I taught first grade, I took off points for reversals, but now my philosophy is if they know how to spell the word, they shouldn't lose the point. I just underline the letter now, but don't count it wrong...and that's for third graders!

Sarah said...

I hope Sage gets some relief. Poor baby.
Aspen and my Emily sound a lot alike. Both perfectionists. Drives me crazy, because I totally am not. lol
Crossing my fingers that her test goes smoothly.:)