Sunday, November 30, 2008


I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. This year was lots of fun for us. We went to my in laws house for lunch.

After we all ate some of us played Pinocle. Afterward Aunt Carrie did the girls nails. They just love that everytime she is here she will cut/color their hair and do their nails. Lots of fun!

Later the kids all made these super cute Turkeys. I am glad someone is creative and thinks of these things, because I sure don't!

At midnight, a bunch of us went to SouthTowne Mall for some Midnight Madness. That was CRAZY. I felt like I was the oldest person there! We didn't buy anything, but my neices had a blast staying up so late. We got home just after 2am. I went to bed about 3, and was up at 330. Carrie, Allie and I were out the door by 4 am and headed to Walmart. This is the first year I have watched people rip items from each others hands. How sad. I grabbed what I wanted (I actually grabbed 4, hoping for some color variety) I took the one I wanted and gave the other three to some ladies I saw who had waited and gotten what they wanted only to have some guys rip them from their hands. We also got some other items, so that was nice.

Then we headed to FYE and the Fashion Place. We hit Sears, Children's Place and a few other places. By the time we were done, I was ready to drop. We got back to my in laws house and I slept for about 1 1/2 hours then got up to go get my kids from my Moms house. I visited with my Mom and sister for a bit and left about 2pm. By 4 pm we were back out the door. We headed to the inlaws again for a dinner of left-overs and then Kyle, Jody, Laine, Kade, Heather, and Emma joined us at Temple Square to go see some lights.

Kyle is Sage's favorite uncle, and I think of all the pictures I have of them together, she is on his shoulders 99% of the time! He spoils her rotten, and she loves it! Aspen stayed next to Aunt Jody the whole time, minus a bit when she was having a turn on Kyle's shoulders. We just love Aunt Jody! She is so kind to everyone, I don't think I have ever heard a negative word come from her mouth.

Saturday I took the kids to see BOLT in 3-D. Sage didn't want to go, so I took her to Grandma's and picked up my nephew Jaden and took him along. The kids liked the movie, but I was bored out of my mind for at least the first third of the movie. Definately wait for Redbox on that one!

Today I had plans to do my kids Winter pictures, but when I got Sage last night I discovered she had gotten into a green stamp, and her forehead is covered in green. Between that and Kyson's face art, I guess pictures will wait a week.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

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Mitchell Family said...

WOW! That was some serious after Thanksgiving day shopping. I stick to shopping online anymore...seems like there is no Christmas spirit at the Mall.
What is with the face art Kyson?? I have to keep the markers up otherwise for some reason when he finds one Oliver will draw all over his body, He traces along all his limbs, everytime. So weird. It was bad when he did it in blue permanent marker, it faded to a red-purply color and looked like he had weird bruises all over his body. AHH!