Monday, November 10, 2008

Its lonely here without them...

So late Friday night I started feeling sick. I had been SO tired all week, and this explains it. Anyways, Friday night (well, Saturday morning about 1 am) I went up to bed and noticed I had major pink eye. YUCK. So I took out my contacts and went to bed. This was my only pair of contacts I had, and I had to put them back in because I had a photo session with my nephews Saturday morning. Ya, that made it lots worse, but I can't shoot in my glasses. I came home from that and slept for hours. I have a very good husband. He napped too (Its nice our kids are old enough to do that) but he noticed it was getting late and got up and fed them ect. I slept through it. I must have been super tired.
Sunday morning I was so much worse. A Cold, pink eye, fever, sore throat, ect. Ya, not feeling well. So I started calling the moms of kids I watch to give them a heads up. Sunday night I still wasn't feeling well, and knew that today I would want to rest, and poor Sage would be bored to tears. So I called Shirley and asked if she would mind coming and getting Sage in the morning and keeping her til the afternoon. Shirley thought it would be better if I let the kids miss school, she takes them all, and they get to sleep over. She will have them home tomorrow morning, about the time school starts.
They picked the kids up this morning at 10 to 9. So, for 13 hours and 41 minutes I have been kidless. Its too quiet and I miss them like crazy. I can't stand them being gone while I sit at home. Though I know for certain they had a blast today. They ALWAYS have a blast with Grandma, she gets down on the floor and plays games and puzzles, drives cars on the rug and pushes them on the swingset. Today she took them to the theatre to see the new Madagascar movie. Lets hope for everyone who was there's sake, that no one gave away any pets in this movie. That always leaves Sagey bawling. Poor kid. Guess I better quit telling Farren we are getting rid of Lola (the cat) when she pukes on my floor (like she did a few hours ago).
Anyways, I felt mildly better today, so I did some laundry and cleaned the kids rooms.
About 2 weekends ago, I told Tiffani I was running out of laundry. I usually keep up on laundry really well (I didnt before, but the washer we got about a year ago really helps) Anyways, I hadn't done laundry all the week before. And I didnt do it this week, the weeks were too busy and then I was sick.
All I can say if my kids can go over 2 weeks without any laundry being done and still have their drawers 3/4 of the way full, I can see I may possibly buy too many clothes. In fact, cleaning today, in the girls room, I noticed about 3 pairs of capris of Sages that still have the tags on them, and a few sun dresses, all new with tags. Oops!
I am still pretty drained though. Lifting the kids mattresses to change sheets made me dizzy. After that I layed back down and watched "Made of Honor" with Patrick Dempsy (cute movie, but predictable, reminded me of My Best Friends Wedding) And I watched Far and Away with Tom Cruise. I have always liked that movie, though it bugs me to no end that when they get off the boat in America, all the flags have 50 stars. Not correct at all. Oh well, still a good movie.
We also rented some the other night. Kyson and Farren were upstairs in our room watching Indianna Jones, the girls and I watched Kit Kitteradge. It was too cute. Aspen has been wanting the Kit Doll from American Girls for a while now, so she thought it was cool to see her in a movie. She kept saying Mom, there she is, that is teh doll I want.
At the beginning of the movie they previewed a movie that will be in theatres in January. Its about the upcoming 2009 Girl of the Year doll, and the movie focuses on bullying. It looked pretty good, and from what I can see from working in the kids class, even 1st graders need a lesson in bullying.
I miss my kids. I hate being away from them, even though sometimes it is nice to go out with my husband!
Thanks again Shirley, I appreciate it SO much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just 10 hours and 15 minutes til they are home, then they have school all day.


Sarah said...

Hey Emily, hope you're all better.

I have the same problem you do sometimes-not knowing what to do with myself without kids around. lol

Corie said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. Just read your first blog entry about how you were feeling (probably still are..not sure) of your sweet Savannah and what others expected. All I can say is ...Wow! Its my thoughts exactly. Something I am praying for now. Contentment in my situation right now. No baby will or could replace Larson. I have some of the same comments of having more and also many that start with At Least.... Yikes those are hard. I look forward to reading more of your story. Do you mind telling me more about Savannah? My email is You don't have to. Thanks again for commmenting. Nice to hear from others in "the club" you don't want to be apart of!