Sunday, November 23, 2008

I Gave Into Peer Pressure

Yesterday I picked up my sweet neice and we went shopping. We went to Build a Bear and browsed the mall, then headed to Costco. I gave in. I bought Twilight. I haven't opened it yet, but I will probably start it later tonight. I have to finish it so I ccan go see the movie with friends. So, I will stay busy in the evenings doing that after kids go home.

This weekend was a bit slow. Yesterday was teh shopping and today we went to lunch then drove up the canyon. I totally spaced grabbing one of my cameras, so, no photos. Sorry, but you will all live :) It was nice, and Farren and Kyson had a blast freezing me out by undoing the windows. We were kinda sad to see that Guardsman's Pass was closed for the season, but we kind of expected it. Its "Our spot" that we go to regularly as a family, and we would have liked to get in one more trip before the season closed the roads.

Here are a few photos from Guardsmans Pass from over the years. The ones from the early days, WAY back when, aren't on this computer.

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Mitchell Family said...

I am so glad you finally broke down and bought Twilight! You will love it so much you will have to run back out and buy the other 3 books :) I went to see the movie with friends-it was ok, not as good as the books though.