Sunday, October 12, 2008

The First Snow of the Season

This morning the kids ran in my room and woke me up SO excited that it had snowed. It was suppose to snow yesterday afternoon, and they were highly disappointed when bedtime came without any snow. Anyway, they ran in. "It snowed it snowed Mom" Yes, I know, I drove home from BUNCO in it last night. I wouldn't let them go out to play yet. I got Sage ready for church (she looked adorable and I will add a pic when she gets home) and after a while I let the kids go out and play. They are STILL out there, and it has been almost 2 hours. They made this snowman, and I think it is the cutest snowman ever! Not bad considering we got MAYBE an inch of snow. The grass is poking out the top!
Is it bad that this snow is making me want to skip Halloween, play Christmas music, and set up my tree?


The Beckley's said...

I'm sooo not ready for snow yet but I am ready for Christmas. The kids are soo cute with thier snowman.

Sims Family said...

WOW!!! Snow already? Looks like the kids had fun