Thursday, October 23, 2008

We are BACK!

So, last Sunday the kids and I flew to Orange County and met up with my Mom, sister Kristine, and her family. Woohoo! What fun we had! We had a VERY bumpy flight. In fact, the overhead light broke off and hit Sage in the head because our landing was so rough! When we exited the plane, Sage was convinced we played a joke on her and we just went for a plane ride. She thought the plane was going to drop us off at our hotel. Apparently she doesn't remember flying to Boston, or Denver or anywhere else she has flown.

Once we dropped our bags at the hotel, we went straight to Disney. Let me start by saying I bought a new camera, just for this trip (Kodak Easy Share) so I wouldn't have to lug around my Rebel. It SUCKS. My pictures look grainy and blurry (at least on my computer) and 99% of them have red eye. Grrrr.... I guess you get what you pay for, and obviously my cheap "back up" camera, is just that. Cheap. Oh well.

We immediately met Goofy and Pluto.

Then did some rides. We were there maybe 3 hours, and my batteries died on Finding Nemo. They were fresh batteries. So, we missed many photo ops. Major Bummer. Once I found a booth to sell me batteries then we were good to go again. Til the next morning. (Then I remembered to bring the extras I had packed thank goodness) We did almost everything in one day. It is great how efficient Disney is at moving lines. Lines that would take 2 hours at our local park only took 15-20 minutes. Aspen became quite smitten with Uncle Joe. I think this is teh most she has ever been around him. He held his hand, wanted to ride everything with him, and asked is he could have a sleepover in our room. LOL They had fun together!

By the end of the first night we were POOPED. All my kids were asleep at the table at the restaurant, and poor Joe had to carry the girls.

Monday we were back at Disney, and this time Farren was able to join us. We did a few things at Disney then headed across to California Adventure. The girls and I watched Playhouse Disney Live on Stage while Joe, Farren, Kyson, and Jaden did the Tower of Terror. The girls LOVED the Disney Show and sang and danced the whole way through. It was awesome! Then we watched the Pixar Parade. It was cute, though the girls weren't thrilled that each float sprays you with water. We ended that night back at Disney in time to see their amazing parade. Another great day and very tired children! I am SO glad that our family decided to join us. Kyson had so much fun riding with Jaden on things and not being the only boy. He is totally at the "Boys RULE and girls DROOL" stage!

I love this picture because Sage's face is just like the Queen of Hearts.

Speaking of Sage, can I just tell you all how stinkin proud of that girl I am? She is afraid of all rides. She won't go on ANYTHING at Lagoon. At Disney she went one everything she was tall enough, including Space Mountain, the train roller coaster, and another roller coaster. She did AWESOME. No tears, no fears. She went on everything without question!

Often, while we rode something that was a bit rough, Kristine and Joe would wait with Baby Zane and then we would get a "fast Pass" for them when we got off, so we could take the baby and they could ride. It worked out great, especially since Sage was also too short for a few things like Indianna Jones, and we would use the "switch times" for potty breaks! I have to say though, Universal's Child Switch is MUCH nicer. At Disney you wait outside near the exit. At Universal you get rooms with toddler toys, water fountains, chairs, changing tables, the works. That was the one area they beat out Disney. (Though Disney wouldnt have the space I know)

Cute Zane

Tuesday came time to say goodbye to our family. Mom, Kristine and Joe all had to get back to work, so they went home and we headed south to Sea World. We started off by watching Shamu in the viewing tank. That was neat.

Then we noticed how empty it was. There was not a soul in sight. How lovely that was! Then we headed to the dolphin pool. Man those Dolphins loved Farren. He had them all by him, he touched them all (along with Kyson and Sage)

He didnt just touch them, they came right up to him and stayed there and rubbed their faces on his hands (must love the callouses hahahaha) Aspen was SO sad she didn't get to touch them. (I was disappointed too) We did most of Sea World then watched the Shamu Show (yes, the soak zone soaks you. We knew that but when I said wet I guess the girls thought I meant a sprinkle. They FrEaKeD oUt!!! Kyson LOVED getting wet. Then we hurried over to the Dolphin show which was HILARIOUS. The Dolphin trainers put on a great show!

Wednesday we got up early and drove into LA and did Universal Studios.

It was okay, but whoever told me not to waste the time, energy, and money was right. Farren remembered it as a great place, and he was really disappointed also. But, the kids met Beetlejuice, Frankenstein, Shrek, Fionna, Curious George and Dora there. (of course When we met Dora, yet ANOTHER set of batteries had died, add them to the ones we changed at Sea World and I am so far out 4 sets of batteries, but I was out and had put in fresh ones and never dreamed they would die so soon, so I didnt have more with me. (and no, I wasn't leaving my camera on) While we were watching a thing about special effects, Kyson and Aspen, along with 2 adults were chosen to be part of the show. Well, at the end they had one guy go behind a silhouette and a "monster" comes and eats him. Well, Aspen was still on stage, saw this man being eaten (looked very real) and just sobbed. She was SO worried about that poor man who had just been eaten. Sweet girl, her own safety never crossed her mind. She just sobbed. All after that, anytime people who were in the show would see us, they would stop us to tell us how sweet she is.

This morning we got up early, I got us all packed and organized and we headed back to Disney to do a few rides the kids still wanted to do and also to shop a bit. Sage REALLY wanted to do Peter Pan's Flight. Of course it was the longest line in Fantasy Land, but we waited. And waited. And waited. And Kyson and Aspen and Farren went on two rides. And we get almost to the front and the ride broke down. We left without going on Peter Pan. So, we did a few more rides, met Eeyore and did some shopping.
Can I just whine that we were at Disney for 3 days and didn't get to see ONE princess except Cinderella was on a float in the parade? Not ONE Princess.

When we got on the train to go from New Orleans Square to Tomorrow Land to get a toy Kyson wanted, we saw Mary Poppins. (We were too far away for a photo op) Anyways, Sage yells out LOOK! Its Mary Kirkhams (my good friend who was kind enough to feed the cat while we were gone LOL) See Mary, we were still thinking about you!

We had a wonderful time. I hope (but doubt) the kids are old enough to remember it. With Farren working as much as he does so I can stay home and be Mom (THANK YOU FARREN!!!) We don't get away much. So this was really nice.

I have to say that Aspen is the PERFECT age for Disney. She is 6 1/2 We would be on rides and she would get scared of something, then see a character who is "good" and wave and say Hi Jimminey. Hi Jimmeny. She is at the age where everything is real. (The downfall is the monster eating the man) I LOVE this age, and I wish I could experience it all again through her eyes.


Sims Family said...

Souunds and Looks like everyone had a great time. I did notice there are no pictures of you in there. Also for your camera try rechargable batteries (I have engerizer) and they last a long time.

Jessica said...

Looks like you had as much fun as we did! But where were you? You're not in any of the pictures!

Anonymous said...

Fun! Looks like y'all had a wonderful trip!

Randy Talley said...

I'm so glad you had a good trip! From the pics alone, it looks like everyone had a blast.

vickicon said...

Your commentary was very good!


Sarah said...

Love the pics! Looks like you guys had a great time.:)

The Leavitt Crew said...

Welcome back!!! I'm glad you had a great time, but I'm more glad that you're back! We missed you guys. The pictures are great - my favorite is the one with the Queen of Hearts. Sage makes me laugh.


What a fun trip! I love reading your posts and getting a glimps into your children's personalities! You have had an eventful month and it looks like you and your family are doing so great. I hope to read more of what you and your sweet family are up to!

Mitchell Family said...

What a fun trip! Hey-I love my Samsung Digimax camera-it has alot of options on it and I have yet to be disappointed by the quality. All the pics on my blog I took with it. Mines an older one-but I got it on sale at Sears for $200 3 years ago. Also-buy lithium batteries-they last longer. TTYL!