Monday, September 15, 2008

Pudding Painting Princesses

So, this weekend was fun. Saturday we went and picked up some furniture that was in my Aunt Sally's home. Saturday night I played BUNCO and Sunday we took the kids to Lagoon. I think they are getting a bit sick of going so often (Farren and I are WAY past sick of it) because they only lasted about 1 hour. Next year we will use the money for season tickets for football.

My kids have been pudding painting forever. I have pictures of Sage doing it when she was probably about 18 months old. They LOVE it. I figure pudding in the mouth has to be better than even the non-toxic paint in the mouth.

Anyway, I was watching Jon and Kate Plus Eight the other night (my kids LOVE it and so do I) and they let the kids pudding paint on themselves. Up until now, we had always done it inside. So, we took it outside, and Sage and Jesse had a BLAST. They weren't sure at first, but then they loved the idea of getting so goopy with permission.

I had them in old jammies, thinking I would just toss the jammies out afterward, but it all washed out very nicely. here are some pictures of their "art"

(I have no idea WHY my pictures always go to the top when I add them to the bottom. If anyone can help me with that issue, I would greatly appreciate it.)

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The Leavitt Crew said...

How fun!!! I wonder if my kids would enjoy that or if they're too old... And I'm no good with placing pictures either...