Thursday, September 11, 2008

Raindrops on Roses and Whiskars on Kittens...... These are a few of my favorite pics!

So, last night I was helping my Mother situate her blog. We were putting pics of each of the grandkids down the side. Being the one who always takes the pictures, I looked through all my files. These are a few of my many favorite ones of Sage. (the girl can NOT take a bad pic, even her X ray is cute. That is a metal ball in her tummy) Anyways, some are new, some are old, but I love them all for various reasons.

Top to bottom (though as I type I am sure they will move)

Sage swinging at a park in June of 2006. I took her to Denver to see a doctor who knows all about mastocytosis.

Sage's X Ray. Kyson told me she had eaten a bouncy ball. Turns out it was a metal ball for magnetix.

Sage in the tub. About 6 months old. How cute is that? Please ignore the naked bum you see in the corner!

Sage sleeping on the potty. We were obviously having issues.

Sage playing in the snow. Dec 2007

Sage's birthday party at MY GYM. I made her that cake so it was egg free, then she picked out a store cake for her friends.

Sage doing family pictures. Summer 2008

Sage at Yellowstone, waiting for Old Faithful.

Sage dancing after we decorated Savannah's headstone for July 4th 2007

Sage loves her Daddy.

Dance like No one is watching!

And getting ready for church.

So, everytime I label the pictures, they move, but I am sure you are all smart enough to figure it out!

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faboo said...

She is such a doll.

Also if you haven't guessed it's me, Fabs...I finally remembered the email, and password to my old blog. I am such a brain case at times. :P