Monday, September 8, 2008

Cooking Dinner and Beauty Queens

So, what is for dinner? It is 6:13 and I have NO idea. I have been so busy lately with PTA, kids, and just life in general that most days I forget to plan ahead. If you have any super yummy and super easy meals please, I beg of you, put them in the comments section!

Yesterday we took the kids for a drive through Guardsman's Pass. It is such a beautiful drive, we go at least once a summer. Usually we go up Big Cottonwood Canyon, through the pass, and into Park City. We end up on Main Street. This time we took the long way (I'm a spoiled wife) We did the pass then took a long dirt road. Twice I had Farren pull over to get some leaves that are changing so the kids can take them to school for show and teach. Once he had to climb. I am so glad he has good balance! We ended up in Midway. Oh my goodness! I had never been through there. What a cute, fun town. I LOVE it! As we drove I even noticed a covered bridge that is perfect for a good family photo shoot. It looks like it belongs in The Bridges Of Madison County, with the changing leaves behind it. I told Farren that we need to get some fleece pullovers and do family pictures. Of course this was met by a huge groan :) He always had negative (in his mind anyways) experiance with family pictures, so he dreads them. Our last family picture was done when Aspen was 2 months old. She is 6 and 1/2 now!

We stopped at a park and played with teh kids in Heber. It was an awesome park. had all the "dangerous" things that "Today's Kids" don't get to enjoy. Like REALLY high twisty slides and those metal domes that you can hang upside down from. That was a blast!!!!! I regret not grabbing my camera. I always have it with me, but I need to send it in to get cleaned so I didnt grab it. The BEST thing was that even though she felt sick, we made it both up and down the canyon without Aspen puking. Yep, NO PUKE! Woohoooo!!!!!!!

Last night I couldn't sleep. It was after 4 am before I managed to get a short snooze in. Anyhow, I watched 2 documentaries on TLC about beauty pageants and toddlers. It made me want to puke. Fake teeth, tans, fake hair, and dresses that cost more than my car. No thank you. Not my kids. One Mom wouldn't let her preschooler compete in the swimsuit competition because she was too "chubby" and then spoke about how her daughter, who is maybe 4, needs to diet. Sick Sick Sick.

Today I happened to stumble on an old friend's blog. I read through and it low and behold she had an old friend's blog linked from hers. This gal was my best friend in Kindergarten for many years. I haven't seen her since her wedding, when Sage was an infant. I left her a message on the comments section, so hopefully she will get back to me.

Well, Aspen is in here asking that I charge her MP3 player, Kyson is in here saying his neck hurts, and Sage is crying because she stepped on a stick. Ahhh Just another day in paradise.


Mitchell Family said...

Hey Em! Your blog looks great! Love the pictures of the kids! Keep in touch and check out our blog too :)


Hey there girlie! I am so happy you found my blog! I just started with it and really don't know too much about it. I have actually been thinking about you because October always reminds me of you. I also found some pictures we took of eachother in my backyard! Man were we cute! I can't belive how big and beautiful your children are! I can see a lot of you in them! I read some of your blog and wanted to thank you for sharing your feelings about your little Savannah. I had a really hard day with my 3 year old, and you made me realize how much love a mother has, and that I just need to show her that love every moment I can. The street I live on is Savannah, and I will think of you whenever I see it. I am so sorry for your loss and I want you to know that I have no doubt in my mind that you are an amazing mother to ALL of your children. Thanks again for leaving a message for me! Keep in touch!
Michelle (Terry)

Ashlii Brooke said...

Hey Emmerlou!! I am so happy you found me!! It looks like your life has been incredible these past few years. Your children are breathtaking. How sweet your little Savannah is. Your little family is so lucky to have had her in your lives. What a incredible display of strength and beauty you show as a mother to have experiences such an unfortunate turn of events and still be as beautiful and as strong as ever. It is apparent how much you all love her. Please keep in touch. All my love