Sunday, August 31, 2008

Holy Slacker!!!!

WOW! It has been since last November since I have last posted. I guess life caught up with me!

Let's see. December was Christmas. That was fun for the kids. We did our best to remember Savannah while decorating the tree. Both ornaments are from Lillian Vernon

In February I was asked to hold a position on the executive board of our school PTA. I accepted that and have been busy ever since. I am the President Elect, which means next year I will be President. It has been an awesome experiance. I have made some wonderful friends through the board, and that has been the biggest "bonus" of teh whole thing.

April was Savannah's first birthday, or "Angel Day" I had worked myself up so much thinking it was going to be awful, but it wasn't so bad. We went out to teh cemetary and brought pinwheels, stuffed animals, ect. (see above my pics are having issues)

May was Aspen and Kyson's birthdays. Aspen had a party at teh park, and well, we never got around to doing Kyson's party. Guess next year will have to be huge. LOL.

Over the summer we didn't do much. The only big things were my sister Codi moved to Texas :( and my sister Kristine had a baby boy named Zane.

School has started for Aspen and Kyson. They are in 1st grade and 2nd Grade, but are in teh same class this year. Its the "access" class. It is the same teacher as Kyson had last year, and I really like her. They both love it, though Kyson seems to think that admitting that you like school is uncool, so he claims he hates it. Sage starts preschool this Thursday. She will be going with Jesse and Lola, both good friends of hers. Once again we will be attending Miss Nicoles Preschool. We feel so blessed to have found her. Sage was able to experiance so many things last year and she learned so much. I have no doubt that Nicole's is where she should be. She has excelled in every aspect.

Farren of course works way more than anyone should ever have to. Hopefully that will slow down soon! I somehow went from not being a daycare provider to having 3 kids all in one week. I adore all these kids, so I am very excited about it! Time to baby proof again!

That is the quick update! I will try and keep this updated more.

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