Saturday, November 3, 2007

Holiday Fun!

Halloween was so much fun!! Kyson and Aspen are off track, but Sage has a wonderful preschool teacher. She knew that many of the preschooler's siblings were off track, and would not get a party. So, she invited all the siblings to come also. The kids had a blast!

Kyson was a magician. I sewed him a black cape and a cubberbun (sp) He wore a white shirt, black pants. I bought him a wand and a top hat, and we drew a very Clark Gable like mustache on him. Oh my, he was so stinkin cute!

Aspen REALLY wanted to be a flower. I had NO idea how to make that one, and couldnt find it online to buy either. So, we settled for an Earth Fairy that we bought from Lillain vernon. Sage wanted to be a ghost. We couldn't have gotten easier, or cheaper than that!

Tuesday was Farren's work party, so we went to that. They had a spook alley, dinner, games, it was a blast!! The kids loved it!! On Halloween we usually go to my Mother In Laws neighborhood since ours usually does Trunk-Or_Treat. We hate that. Talk about the lazy way to go about getting candy. LOL. Well, MIL also had Trunk or Treat this year, so we were lazy this year. The kids got TONS of candy, and they remembered to say thank you each and everytime. I was so proud of them!!

Oh, last weekend we added a new member to our family. We went to Park City to do some shopping. I needed shoes SO badly. We have gone up 3 or 4 times to get me shoes, but we always blow the budget on the kids, so I never get shoes. Well, this time I just didnt see any I liked. SO, still no shoes. We told the kids we could look in the adoption center if they were good. We always just look. We like this shelter, each animal has a foster parent that they go home with each night, and each animal is at teh shelter a max of like 4 hours. REALLY neat. Well, Farren fell in love with this fiesty kitten. We got her out, and even Sage held her. Sage is afraid of EVERYTHING so we were surprised to say the least.

We played with her for while, then decided to take her home with us. Kyson wanted to name her Ooga Ooga. LOL we settled on Lola. She is a doll and is so sweet and we all just adore her. Yesterday I was worried Sage might be allergic to her, even though we had had her many days. Sages eyes were watery, and her face was red and blotchy. We went to my nephew Jadens Birthday, and she started to look better, so I thought for sure it was the cat. Well, last night while still there she came up and her face was REALLY bad, so then I wasnt sure. I was so sad that we might have to get rid of Lola. This morning she woke up and her face and eyes are great, and she has been playing with Lola all day, so maybe she had something in her system she didn't agree with or something. YEA!!!!!!

Tonight I am doing laundry and starting to pack. My husband and I are taking the kids to Grandma, and we are flying down to Las Vegas for a few nights. YES!!! I have not gone away with my husband alone since Kyson was born. 6 1/2 years ago! The plan is to see Hoover Dam and tour the M&M Factory, Coca Cola plant, see a Jousting show at Excalibur, and see The Phantom of teh Opera at teh Venetician (sp)

I will add Halloween pics when I upload some!

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