Monday, October 22, 2007

Im ready for a slow down

Okay, not really, but it happened anyways. The kids are off track. I HATE that. I love having them home, but when they dont have school, I dont get up as early in the morning, so that is lazy thing number 1 LOL. Football is over, so now Tuesday has only one thing, and Thursday and Saturdays are open.

I LOVE being super busy. It keeps me active and awake. It keeps me off the computer, and out in the world. Oh well, as things do, it will be busy again, School back, basketball starts, dance recitals, holidays, all that fun stuff.

My wonderful husband is taking me to las Vegas for a few days, just us. How nice is that? This will be there first time since Kyson ws born that we have gone away alone. Kyson is 6. LOL

Not a whole lot going on. Todqay I purged in the playroom. Got rid of SO many toys. a huge garbage bag full and a huge basket full. I have MANY more to get rid of also. I have been giving most away. My play room has so much space right now. With Christmas coming, hat wont last long, but I will take what I can.

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Bestill said...

Just saying hey and I love ya!