Friday, September 19, 2008

Busy Busy!

Today was a tad bit crazy. This is the one day a week that I do not have extra kids, so, it makes it very very busy. This morning I overslept (I stayed up too late emptying my DVR. oops) I was supposed to meet Tiffani at her house around 840 am so we can drive to a Council PTA meeting at the highschool. I am running late so I dropped my kids off across the street from school and had them use the crossing guard rather than me pulling into the loop because getting out of that loop can take years! I got Tiffani and cute Britton and we went to our meeting. Sage and Britton were SO good. I am way proud of both of them! After that I drove Tiffani to Xpedex because we are out of paper and she is starting work on Reflections and I have a newsletter to do next month.

I dropped Tiff and Britton off at the school and took Sage out to lunch. She wanted Chili's. That was jam packed. We get this teeny tiny 2 person booth. One on each side of the table, but Sage wanted to sit next to me. So, we both squoze into a seat designed for one. She told our server that we were having "Special Mommy Time" Well, apparently the waitress figured out how adorable Sage is because she brought us out a gigantic dessert for us to share on the house. Yum!

After we left there I told Sage it was time to run home and brush her teeth and go get Kyson and Aspen checked out from school because we have dentist appointments. Oh my heavens did that girl freak. She totally wigged out, crying she wasn't going. When we left our house I had to literally unwrap her fingers from the stair banister. I can't really blame her. With all the medical issues she has gone through, the thought of any doctor is enough to freak her out. I was REALLY concerned with how this would go. Last time Sage cried and cried and wouldn't let them X-Ray or clean her teeth. It took the doctor over 20 minutes of him playing with her and letting her play with all his tools (she got to spary the water ect) before she would open her mouth for him. So, obviously I was concerned about how it would go.

She was AMAZING. She went right in and did her X-Rays, climbed up and did the whole cleaning without any freaking, and let the dentist do his exam. I am SO proud of her!!

After that we raced back to school (by now its 3, school was out at 140) and try to make it back in time for the Room Mother Tea. Ya, I was too late, but that is okay because Kyson and Aspen's teacher had lots of parents there. Sadly, many teachers had no parents come or sign up to help in the rooms this year. Looks like I will be "room mom" for a few more classes. We stayed and helped clean up. Came home, did dinner and now its 730. I am beat.

Tomorrow we are canning peaches (hopefully they arent too ripe)


The Leavitt Crew said...

I'm so sorry I forgot to call so that Sage could play with Britton. My day just got crazier and crazier. I hope Sage's memory is as short as mine and she wasn't waiting all night.

Brooklyn said...

Hey what teachers are you room mother for? I cant find my list