Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bedtime Stories

Last night was a DISASTER. The fog was so bad the airport was closed, and we passed a car on its side smashed into the barrier. I don't think anyone could have survived. We dropped Kyson and Sage at my Mom's house and left to take Aspen to the movies while they went to the party. We went to many theatres and everything was sold out. We didn't pre-buy the tickets online because we weren't sure how traffic would be.
So, we were left with nothing to do. So we went to the party and poor Aspen had to sit and watch the other kids have fun. (We had to pick up our ids so that is why we didn't just go home) We cleared a slide and let Uncle Victor take Aspen down the slide very carefully on his lap once and she loved it. But for the most part she just cried. I felt terrible for her, it was hard for me not to cry for her.
Kyson went home with Jaden for a sleepover and both girls went home to my Mom's to sleep with Lexi. This morning I picked up Alexis and Aspen and took them to bedtime stories. It was really cute. I highly recommend it. The story is cute and it was well done. Definitely one to buy!
Tonight we went to dinner and now Farren and the girls are rocking out to Guitar Hero. I just adore my family, they are so cute and can have a great time doing anything! I am definitely lucky and was dealt a GREAT hand in the family department.


The Leavitt Crew said...

Poor Aspen...

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