Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Sageycakes!!!!!

Today my little Sagey turned 5. 5 is such a huge number, it represents so many things. She is "school age" now when you look at statistics. She can ride a two wheeler, she can buckle herself into her carseat, she can do math problems and spell basic words.

She certainly isn't little anymore. I remember when she was born. After 25+ hours of labor, I sat up to get my epidural adjusted and she flipped onto the bed, nearly falling off to the floor. When she was a few days old she was admitted to Primary's because her jaundice was getting bad. We dealt with that, her Mastocytosis and Kidney issues. She is such a strong child. No pain meds after surgery, but she didnt mind at all. Even sliding down off chairs right over her incision like nothing had happened.
Now she goes to school and tells me if she thinks the clothes I bought her are ugly. She knows who she likes, and who she would rather not play with. She knows to be gentle with the babies and rough and tumble with Daddy. She knows so many things, some more than anyone should know at her young age.
At the end of each day she gets back out of bed once, comes downstairs and says "Hug Mamma" She makes sure she gets that one last hug in. She brightens my day and I can hear her jumping on the bed this very moment. Little stinker.
I love that girl.
Happy Birthday baby girl! (who isnt a baby anymore)


Sarah said...

Aw, I love looking at her pictures. She was such a doll, and still is!

Happy Birthday! They grow way too fast.

Mitchell Family said...

She's 5!! Where did the time go? She sure is beautiful. Happy Birthday, Sagey!

Alexis said...

Hope your Birthday is filled with fun. love lex