Wednesday, January 7, 2009


My kids have been asking to go to Build a Bear for as long as I can remember. Aspen and Kyson went once years ago for Lexi's birthday. Sage never had. I always say no because honestly, it is hard to justify spending THAT much on a stuffed bear. I decided that this Christmas they could each get a gift card.

So, we all got dressed and I told them I had to run a few errands at the mall, and would then go somewhere fun. I am mean and enjoy watching the anticipation of not knowing where we are headed grow in their little eyes and minds. We get to the mall and Kyson, ever so observant, asks why on Earth I am bringing my camera bag into the mall.

I couldn't help it. I lied to my child. I told him I had to photograph some shoes for someone who hired me to do so. Considering I am always taking pictures of "funny" things, he totally accepted that explanation. (Though I have never been asked to shoot shoes. Feet, yes. Shoes, no.)

We are walking through the mall and pass Build a Bear. Sage gets loud and excited. MOM, can we go look? PLEASE, just so we know what to use our gift cards on? PLEASE? Of course the other two had to chime in their please can we looks. I said No, you can't just look, but you CAN go make a bear.

Oh my heavens they were SO excited! Unfortunately, because it is right after Christmas, most the animals were sold out. But that is okay. They got some cute bears.

First you have to stuff it.

Then you Wish on it.

Then bathe it.

Dress it.

Love it.

They had a great time. We topped the day off with lunch, though lunch couldn't have been too great considering I can't remember where we ate.
By the way, I have to say, Sage's bear's boots; she chose those because Zane has some similiar. Nice furry winter boots to go with the summer dress she picked.
Speaking of shoes, dont look at Sageys feet, it appears they are on the wrong feet. Dang I love that kid.


Sarah said...

haha! I had to go back up to the first pic and check out Sage's feet!:) I wouldn't have even noticed, too funny.
Emily and Silas always beg to go in there. I took Emily once and walked out broke, and she never touched the thing again. That was it for me. lol

Glad you guys had a good time! You are so fun.:)

The Leavitt Crew said...

Looks like fun. I was thinking as I scrolled down through the pictures how cute it was that Sage picked boots to go with a summer dress... gotta love that kid!