Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas 2008

Yes, I know I am a total slacker! Christmas was nice, though it didn't "feel" like Christmas to me this year. On Christmas Eve we went to my Mom's house for a soup dinner. There had been a tummy bug going around all the cousins (and a few adults) and unfortunately, that was Aspen's night to get it. I think she was worse than most the other people. She was screaming in pain. It was so sad. But, she still wanted to go to Grandma's. We didn't stay as late as we would have if she hadn't been sick.
Christmas morning we woke up pretty early. I am impressed though that even though Kyson was up SUPER early, he didn't wake his sisters. (This year I think he slept til about 5. On Easter he was up by 4) The kids were very pleased with their selection of gifts. Santa brought Kyson a bike, Aspen a digital camera (that Santa's helper almost got tackled over trying to get) and Sage got a new play kitchen. We had a play kitchen that was a hand-me-down from lexi, but the kids never played with it. So, I arranged to give it away (This was 2 years ago) The week I had given it away they started playing with it. I had been careful not to mention I was getting rid of it, I assumed they would never notice it was gone. WRONG! They have been asking for one ever since.
Kyson is also really enjoying his Legos, Nerf Guns and Wii games. Aspens favorite gift is her American Girl Doll, Kit Kitteradge. She has matching jammies with it and that doll is always with her. Sage is also enjoying Aspens doll, and has decided to not have a birthday party at My Gym if she can only have an American Girl doll. She can't decide if she wants Ruthie or Felicity. Sage is also enjoying her new Play-Dough and art supplies.
After we opened gifts we went back to my Mom's for some brunch. Victor had gotten Guitar Hero so we played that. Dang that is addicting! We also opened up Kyson's EyeClops. That thing is AMAZING. You hold it up to something and it magnifies things 200x onto the TV. Can I tell you how gross moles look up close?
Then we headed to Farren's Moms for lunch/dinner. She got the kids the Planet Earth/Blue Planet series. Those are AMAZING. We watched them again that night (well, some of them) LOVE them! Of course, Kyson's favorite part is where the wolf eats the baby cariboo, and that part makes Sage cry.

We had a nice holiday filled with good family and friends. I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday as well.

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