Sunday, January 25, 2009


So a few weeks ago I let Kyson make Monkey Bread. At the end you pour a mix of melted butter, cinnamon and brown sugar over the top. Well, it boiled over into the oven. It was my lower oven, and I usually only use the top one, so I forgot about it.
Well, forgot about it til tonight. I spent all day reading Eclipse (I told you I like to read books in one sitting) and went to pop in a quick dinner. Tator Tots in the top oven and Fish Sticks in the lower. All was well til I saw flames in my lower oven. Oh my heavens! Freaked out. Farren was able to put it out, but now I am figuring out if I can run my self cleaner or if I have to do anything else. I am HOPING my oven still even works. If you have any advice or opinions about how to go about this, PLEASE let me know!
Poor Sageycakes. She was so scared and upset about the fire. She was screaming the house was going to burn down. Can we say DRAMA QUEEN? Anyways, she got herself so upset that she got a terrible nose bleed.
I had NO idea that could really happen. You hear it in the movies that took place long ago all the time. People tell people to calm down or they'll "get a Nose Bleed" Ya, apparently it really truly happens. Who knew?

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