Saturday, June 27, 2009

Because Im a slacker

And can't manage to finish blogging about our Disney trip, I will just add the rest of the pictures here, and a few tidbits.

Breakfast with Mary Poppins and Alice in Wonderland at the Grand Floridian. WOW what a hotel. Loved it. The food was good, and the service MUCH better than at Crystal Palace. We took the Monorail, and Farren and the kids got to sit up front with the driver. Very cool.

Clearwater beach- The kids had a BLAST and so did Farren......until he ripped open his foot in a cut that I KNOW needed stitches.

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HollyWood Studios- We knbew ahead of time to get to Toy Story Mania first, that was a great ride. With farrens hurt foot, we only stayed a few hours, but we made sure to do Star Tours for Kyson. We also watched the Little Mermaid show which was really neat.

After that we went swimming at the hotel, where Kyson fell and cut open his leg. We met a nice couple from MA. and chatted with them for a few hours while the kids swam.

The next morning Daddy had to go back home and we were off to Epcot. That was awesome. Once again I am SO thankful for all teh research I did. The waits were very minimal. Because we were tired and took a mid day nap, we didnt get through the countries, but we did the rest. Test Track was awesome, even Sage liked it. There was a person doing writing in the sky (unassociated with Disney) so we wathed that for a while too.

This is made entirely from Sand.

Here is our favorite thing the Mousekeeper set up while we were gone, the kids thought this was HILARIOUS!

At Epcot the kids started their Pin trading collections, so the next day, at Magic Kingdom, most of the day was spent pin trading.

Last day we went back to Hollywood Studios for a few hours before we had to catch our flight. Kysons dream was to be chosen to do Jedi training. So, we camped out and guess what? he got picked. And so did both girls!!! This was the highlight of Kysons time at Disney.
Once back at the hotel, we boared the bus. Sage looks out the window and says Goodbye Hotel, Goodbye Disney World, and burst into tears. It was so sad!


The Leavitt Crew said...

Yeah! I love seeing all the pictures. And it's okay that it's been awhile... I hear you've been a little busy. :o)

vickicon said...

How fun and I'd cry to leave too after such a nice long stay!