Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ever the responsible one....

Recently, each of my children were given 25 dollars to spend on whatever they please. Yesterday morning we finished the household chores and headed to Toys R Us. Kyson knew, the moment he had the money what he was buying. Some Legos set.
Sage knew she wanted something, but wasnt sure what. After wandering the store, she left with a Disney Princess dish set (for her to use, not to play with) a set of Mickey Mouse bubbles, and a new Play-Dough set. I have NEVER seen a kid like Play-Dough the way she does. It is brought out every day and played with for hours.
Aspen told me from the beginning there is nothing she needs or wants. We got to the store and she showed Sage things she thought Sage might like, but never looked for anything for herself. She just wasn't interested. She may spy an interesting item, but would always stick to her guns, she wasn't buying anything.
Aspen is now the proud owner of her very own bank account that she opened with her very own money. That was her idea and her decision.
She always has been my most responsible child. I don't know of any other 6 year old who would take 25 dollars to Toys R Us and not spend a dime.


Sarah said...

I think it is so sweet that she would point things out to Sage. AWwwwww!:)
What a smart girl!
And I didn't know she is only 6. I don't know why, but I thought she was at least 7, maybe 8. I guess I'm crazy. lol

Blameless said...

Aspen's a real thinker, isn't she? It's so awesome to see the differnt personalities grow in each of your children!

I'm a mix of a spender and a saver. I think I go overboard with each aspect every so often, lol!