Sunday, March 15, 2009

Yep, we are still alive!

This will be REALLY short. I find that lately I have zero time to jump on here and just do nothing. I have a few things we are doing that we are very excited about!!!!

First, this Friday, Sage gets her Kindergarten shots. That isn't exciting, its sad to me. She is SO grown up!

We decided to cancel our trip to Texas. I decided I want to go at a time when either Farren can go with us (I wasnt keen on driving in a strange place alone) or when my sister could take time off work. So, we will still go, just at another time.

Instead I am taking the kids to Disney World for 8 days! We are staying on site and got a killer deal! I have spent HOURS making the kids their own unique autograph books, making ADRs for the places we want to eat, and planning our time. (I am hoping for a cancellation at OHANA's so we can have breakfast with Lilo and Stitch (Aspens fave) but so far, they are booked our entire stay.

Yesterday Farren, Aspen and Kyson went skiing. Kyson and Aspen both did great! This was Aspen's first time, and my Mom said she is the easiest of all the kids to pick it up. Im not surprised. That girl is a natural athlete. First time she tried a two-wheeler she did it, no falls. First time we threw her a ball, she hit it across the yard. She excels at all she does.

My last piece of things we have been doing, well, I just got back from taking the kids to Disney On Ice (can you tell we like Disney) It was a great show. Sage was SO adorable! When the skaters would come out and wave, she would wave back, and get SO excited, absolutely sure they were waving to her and her alone. That totally made her night!

Its going to be a busy week ahead of us again! I will put recent pictures up soon!


Sarah said...

So glad you're still alive!:)
I have been so busy too and haven't had much time to tend to my blog.

Have fun in Disney!!!!!

Ashlii Brooke said...

Thanks love bug!! Support is always good when you put yourself out there like that. xo ash

Anonymous said...

I miss you!