Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Happiest Place on Earth!!!-Day One

We are HOME from DisneyWorld. I wish it wasn't so, but it is. Can I just say that this pay par bag and 50 pound limit on each bag REALLY sucks. I was super organized when I packed (Yes, me, I know HOW to be organized) I put each outfit together and then into a gallon sized ziploc. Socks, underwear, shorts, shirt, and bows ect all went together. This was SUPER handy. Everything stayed together and I knew what each kid was wearing each day. Anyways, I moved things around about a zillion times. Farren would take the suitcases into work and weigh them. We would add things and repeat the process. Finally before we left Farren weighed them again and we were good. 48 pounds and 49 pounds. Phew!!!

So Friday before we left I bathed the kids and did the girls hair in a style that I knew would stay put through Saturday night. When the time came, we woke the kids to leave. (It was about 11 PM) I go in to wake up Sage and she kinda moans at me, I say Time for DISNEYWORLD and she bounces straight up and yells DISNEYWORLD and she was good to go. Kyson took a few more minutes, but once he realized why we were waking them up, he was good to go. Aspen was just not waking up and we carried her out to the car.

You have to understand that when we booked a red-eye flight, the flight was empty. I had great vision of the kids laying across empty rows and sleeping peacefully. Then I had a flashback to the movie Flight Plan and wasn't so confident. I figured I could always just stay awake the whole time. All was well time a few days before we left and the plane filled to capacity. This was NOT good. Panic set in, and for those I consulted, YES, they flew in their jammies.

We get to the airport, and our bags are over weight. CRAP. Whose scale is off? We moved a few things and are okay again! We get through security, and say goodbye to Daddy. Time to board the plane. When we booked our seats, we took the 3 on one side of the aisle and then one across from it. That isn't how it worked though. It went stranger, Kyson, Sage, aisle, Me, Aspen, stranger. Hmmm... This could get tricky. Luckily the woman sitting next to Aspen was so sweet and Aspen laid her head on this woman's lap and her feet on my lap. She was set and slept the entire time.

Poor Sage. Kyson said she could lay on him but she refused, she was SO tired. After about 2 hours she finally fell asleep sitting up. Kyson was MISERABLE and I tried holding him, nothing would help. Finally we broke all airline rules and made him a bad on the floor of the plane. FINALLY he was able to sleep. I got zero.

We get to Atlanta, and like an idiot I checked our tickets for the gate departure and not the official departure screen. The kids are exhausted and we take the trains to the correct (or so I thought) terminal. I grab them breakfast and we arrive at the gate. Ya, that plane was headed to Detroit. So, I am now carrying 3 blankets, breakfast, a carry on, and keeping my 3 sleepyheads while I find the new gate. YEP, it was RIGHT next to where we arrived from. So, hop back on the train and go back to A21. They hurry through breakfast and this flight is empty. Sage lays across the seats (as I happily imagined would happen for the first flight) and slept the whole way. It was only an hour from Atlanta to Orlando.

We got to Orlando and we are walking toward Disney's Magical Express service. On the way we met another family heading to Disney also. They lived in Belgium, and they had plans to stay at the Grand Floridian. Ya, color me jealous! We got on our bus and we were off. Can I just say that i LOVE this service. They mail you special tags for your luggage and as the luggage goes off the plane, it is put on a separate belt and goes into a truck. It then magically appears in your room a few hours later. We didn't have to do a thing with it!

By the time we got to our hotel, the French Quarter, I was so tired I thought I was going to be sick. I told the kids that I had to nap before we headed out to Animal Kingdom. We got to our room and there was a Mickey head made out of towels! It was a sign of many room surprises to come!!!
I napped about 2 hours and we were off to Animal Kingdom.

Because we were getting there so late in the day, I didn't have any plans to follow. We were able to walk onto everything with literally zero waits. We did the Safari, saw the Lion King show, rode Dinosaur, the kids played in the BoneYard, and many more things. Aspen and Kyson rode Primevil Whirl (sage is too small) While watching the parade, Balloo danced with Sage!! It was GREAT!!!!!!

They have this HUGE tree thing called the Tree of Life in the center and it has all sorts of things carved in it. Its REALLY neat!!! We didn't get to explore everything, and definitely will next time!!!

We also got to meet Minnie Mouse,
Brer Bear, Brer Rabbit,
Goofy, and.... drum roll please.............
Lilo and STITCH! Stitch is beyond Aspens favorite. She adores him!!

The biggest adventure of the day? my scaredy cat Sage is now a brave chick! She rode Expedition Everest and LOVED it!!! She is so proud of herself! E.E. is a very fast scary coaster. Anyone who has done Disney or Lagoon with Sage knows she hates things that go fast or off the ground. Anyone remember the chunk she bit out of my side on the Tidal Wave?

more to come...............


growingdaybyday said...

Awesome, Em! Love the pictures. I so want to take Tori someday.

vickicon said...

Looks like a great time. Anxious to hear the next installment!

Sarah said...

Loved the pictures. I felt so sorry for you though reading the first part about trying to get there. haha!
I will be anxious to read more.
The kids look so happy to be there!:)

Mitchell Family said...

Wohoo!! Great pics Em, sorrry about the airport chaos. The kids look so happy and excited. Look forward to your next post. ((HUGS))

The Wildes said...

Aww, looks like you guys had fun!!

Blameless said...

Wow! My hat is off to you, travelling alone with 3 kids! Those flights never work out how we want them to, do they?

I can't wait to see the next day of pics!