Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hot Rockin' 4th of July

This year we had such a fun holiday!!! Growing up we would always do something at the celebration in Sandy, but now as an adult, I don't like going out there. It has gotten SO popular that you can barely walk through the crowds. So, most years we stay home til afternoon then go to my Mom's and swim. Thats fine and its fun, but the kids HATE waiting half the day before we go out.

For a bit of a change, we went to Grantsville with our friends the Critchlows. Their daughter Ashely is in Kyson and Aspens class, and is good friends with Aspen, so that was awesome for the girls! The parade was so much fun. My kids had never been to a parade, except as Sage pointed out, at Disney World. They had so much fun collecting candy and Frisbees and even Kosher Salt! They are already talking about next years parade.

Cute Tyler was so adorable going after the candy, and Kyson was very sweet to make sure that Tyler always got some candy. I cant believe I dont have a picture of Tyler!

One bonus to driving ALL the way out there is that we passed an old mill, and we are doing family pictures there next Wednesday. This coming Saturday they are having a Pioneer Days Festival where the kids get to do all sorts of hands-on activities, so we are looking forward to that!

After we left Grantsville, we headed to my Mom's house with some of our other friends, the Kirkhams. We swam (well, the kids did) and then we had a BBQ. Kristine, Joe and Zane headed over too after moving into their new, beautiful home in Lehi. We missed Jaden though!

Sage was in heaven because Jesi is her best friend, and she loved having her with us at Grandmas house. My Mom lives right by Murray Park, so after the BBQ we all just headed down to the pool to enjoy the fireworks. We all had so much fun, but by the time we got home the kids were beyond exhausted, and Kyson got out of the car, layed on the grass and went back to sleep!!!

It was an awesome holiday, and Im glad we were able to share it with so many friends and family.


The Leavitt Crew said...

Kosher salt??? What? Great pics!

Blameless said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! What happy kids you have--a sign of a GREAT Mom!