Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Our Week So Far

Late last week we went up to Park City. Farren and the kids went up the Ski Lift and rode down on the Alpine Slide. Its these cement tracks you ride down the mountain while sitting on these little plastic car things. Aspen wanted to do the Zero Gravity Trampoline instead, so I hung with her while she did that. I dont have any pictures of Farren, Kyson or Sage coming down the track because the line for Aspen took FOREVER!!! But here are the pics that I do have! On the way home we drove through Guardsman's Pass.

Sunday we went back to Park City and did some shopping and drove up Lambs Canyon (waste of time)
Today we packed a picnic and Headed for the Alpine Loop (despite the name, its not near the Alpine Slide and actually is a scenic drive from Alpine to Heber.) On the way up, my Mom had asked that we stop by the campground we have reserved for Saturday, just to check it out. She was a bit worried since that was the ONLY one unreserved. No worries Mom, it was great. Right by the water and restrooms, clean and fun!

We continued up, my mistake though, was we drove the van. My plan was that we should drive the van so the kids couldn't touch/lean on each other. They have been getting a bit annoyed with each other, and lately it seems it is the end of the world if one happens to fall asleep and leans on another. However, the brakes on the van didn't like my plan, and the car would have handled much better. Chalk that up as a lesson of what to do next time! (Or rather what NOT to do)

On the way down we stopped by Sundance, and just walked around for a bit. Then we continued on to Heber and had our picnic at the park. It was lots of fun, but the equipment was too hot to hold too much enjoyment.

We haven't made it to bear Lake yet, the day I had planned other stuff came up, but we will go soon. This Saturday everyone is hiking up Timponogus and then we are cooking out and doing smores. Yummy! I will definately remember my camera (I hope)
I just noticed Sage is wearing the same shirt in both pictures, and so is Aspen. I promise it was washed in between, they just have certain outfits they really like!
here is video from Aspens track meet!!! She ROCKED it and took 3rd overall in this race out of 8+ heats! GO ASPEN!!!!!!!!! (She is in the bright blue)

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The Leavitt Crew said...

Looks like you guys have been having a great time. I love the Alpine Loop. Have you ever done it in the fall when the leaves are turning? And I'm happy to finally see you in a picture. :o)