Monday, August 17, 2009

It was all good til I hit the floor!~End of Summer Fun!

Yes, I know Summer isn't over, but school starts tomorrow, so things will definitely be different.
We have been having so much fun spending time together as a family. It isn't that often that EVERYONE in the house is available at the same time.

Thursday we got up and I packed a picnic lunch. We hopped in the car and headed to Pineview Reservoir for the day. We all swam in the lake and had a great time. It was a bit cooler than when we went about 2 weeks ago, so the water was cooler, but nothing to complain about. Kyson seems to think I am THE coolest Mom ever because I swam out to the buoy. (It wasnt THAT far)
Aspen made a new friend who swam with us and played ball with us. The BEST thing was that this time, our keys didn't get locked in the trunk and we didn't have to get a tow. (Last time Aspen locked them in the truck and we had to get towed and the kids hadn't had lunch and it was awful, BUT, we met some very nice people who fed the kids)

Over the weekend we had Game Night again and of course played Blokus. That is the favorite at our house! We need to add some variety so we are hunting out new games for this Christmas!

Sunday morning we were at Sams and our friend Bill called. He invited us up to Snowbird where he works so we could enjoy the activities they have to offer.

The kids had so much fun!!! They rocked the rock wall, and the Alpine Slide. We rode the tram up (which I HATE, I dont do heights) and then hiked a short way down and rode a ski lift the rest of the way down. I was NOT planning on hiking and had dressy shoes on. Oops! Oh well!

We got back down and Bill and the girls went to the bounce houses, and Farren Kyson and I went to do the zipline. I was SO not sure I wanted to do this and I almost chickened out, but once they opened the doors, I had no choice I was sailing. It was AWESOME and I am so glad I did it!!!

After we did the zipline, Kyson wanted to do it again so I sent him, Bill and Farren up while I kept the girls. They wanted to do the bungee trampoline. We stood in line FOREVER. I was standing there, and next thing I knew my vision was kinda orangish. The next thing after that I hear a lady saying are you okay? are you okay? then yelling We need some HELP over here.

Yes siree I fainted. My hip is killing me today! But the good news is my camera is no worse for wear which I was worried about. As soon as the girls jumped we left. We had SO much fun and hopefully can go back again!! Thanks Bill!!!

Today is a slow day, doing laundry and getting ready for school to start. Its going to be a BUSY week!!!!


Blameless said...

Now THAT looks like tons of fun! Way to end the vacation time on a high note!

I don't think I'd be able to do the zipline thing....yikes! lol!


The Leavitt Crew said...

You are such a fun mom!

The Wildes said...

How fun!!