Sunday, August 23, 2009


Last week Kyson and Aspen started school. Both are loving it, and their teachers. Kyson's teacher has two class pets. A snake and a tarantula. Yikes! So now the boys in class spend their afternoons catching things to feed it. Friday Kyson had two friends sleepover, and they were out catching all sorts of things for hours. Of course they would bring each catch in to show me. Yum! Good thing I have a full stash of baby food jars!
Aspen is loving second grade. She has all her friends back in her class, but this year she is separated from Kyson, which I am excited about. With them being in the same class last year (it was a split) they never got a break from one another, and the amount of fighting went from hardly ever to numerous times a day. She is so fun and quite the little lady. She loves to bake and made her first batch of brownies with no help (minus the oven) yesterday and they turned out great! I love that girl!
Sage enjoyed some Mom time this week, and also loved having Jesi back over to play. Those two are too cute together, the best of friends. We are so sad that Jesi and her family are moving away. Sage had her Kindergarten assessment on Tuesday, and did very well. She is SO excited to start school this Tuesday. I always sing silly songs with Sage, adding her name to the mix. Her favorite is the "sageycakes song" but I will make up silly songs and add her name in, or well known songs and slip her name in so it is about her. The other day I was singing with her and she smiles at me and says, "Mom, I don't really believe that every song you know has Sage in it" Busted!! She is such a joy and I can not believe she is in fulltime school now.
Last night I mashed strawberries, and this morning I tried my hand at making jam. Minus a burn on my finger (my pot wasn't deep enough) I think it turned out pretty well. I love hearing the POP that means you were successful! The kids were disappointed that all they got to help with was washing and cutting the stems off the berries, but it was just too hot for them to handle the jars or cook the jam. We will have to find another canning project they can help with. They all love being in the kitchen and helping with whatever they can. Hopefully in a few years they will still love it and they can each take a night cooking dinner!


Blameless said...

Your children are quite obviously beautiful on the outside...and evidently just as precious on the inside.

A sign of a loving family, doting Mother, and secure self-images. What a blessing for everyone!

I'm impressed about the jam! Maybe I'll be able to taste some of your homemade jam one day.... :)


The Leavitt Crew said...

Hopefully I'll get those pictures off of my mom's camera soon so you can post pictures of the first day of school!