Sunday, September 27, 2009

Catching Up

So I realize that I have been slacking on updating our family blog. Things have been SO busy, I guess it took a very small accident on my part to slow me down. I dont have any pictures because my camera is up in my closet and I just can't climb the stairs one more time today. However, we have been very busy and had lots to do.
Kyson is doing very well in school and LOVES catching all sorts of bugs to bring to his teacher. Tonight they found a snake, but when he came back from getting a jar to catch it, he was gone. Im sure Farren is VERY grateful that they didn't find the snake. He isn't too fond of them! Kyson had a sleepover with his cousin Jaden, and they had a blast.
Aspen is such a great helper and I just adore her. She excels at all she does, and always wants to try more things. At our Family reunion a few weeks ago, she rock climbed up the side of the mountain in a harness with her Aunt Kristine and her Uncle Joe. She has such a crush on Joe, it is adorable, and he is so sweet with her. I think it started at DisneyLand when she decided she wanted to hold his hand, ride things with him, and have him carry her when she was worn out. I just love this picture.

Sage is doing very well in Kindergarten and is beginning to read more words. She loves to help with the babies I have during the day and have tea parties. Her tea set is the best thing the Easter Bunny ever brought!!! On Thursday I took her and a lil guy I watch to the pool, and they had so much fun! She was so very proud of herself that she has grown enough to walk all around the pool (they have a separate lap pool) without her head going under. She loves the monkey bars, and her hands are torn to bits to prove it!

Farren is still looking for a job, and we hope the interview he has this coming week goes well. However, we are well aware that he is competing with over 6,000 other applicants.

I am doing well also. PTA and kids keep me busy. Thursday I had a small fall and badly sprained my ankle, but I can finally walk again. Kind of. It finally made me sit and do nothing for 3 1/2 days, though I read a good book and cleaned out my DVR. Thursday night my dear friend Tiffani kept the kids while we were at the doctor and also made us dinner. It was SO yummy, and as soon as I get a recipe from her I will share it. She says it is SUPER easy. All the kids were begging us for our portions. The kids also had peas, which I have never made because I don't like them. I need to be better about serving my children foods even if I don't like them. Sage apparently loves peas. She says Tiffani makes the BEST peas ever because she adds a little bit of salt. She also said she ate them with her hands because Britton (tif's adorable toddler) was. Tiff, I promise she has table manners!!!

I am starting to prepare for the Holidays, and they will be like no other we have ever had. Something tells me that will be a GOOD thing though!

I have also been more "domestic" lately. I made and canned strawberry jam (which is SO yummy a jar only lasts a couple days) and I also made and canned Applesauce with my Mom. She has all the pictures of that though. We had SO many apples, but they sure didn't make very much applesauce. We are going to pick more apples and make more sauce hopefully this week. It always seemed like so much work, and it is a lot of work, but the feeling of accomplishment when you hear your jars pop is so worth it!! I also am anxious to try a few other types of jams, and possibly canning my own spaghetti sauce. We shall see how adventurous I get!!


April Mitchell said...

Uh, la la very domestic with all the canning. I have yet to join the canning band wagon...considering I'm Mormon and all-it's been a hard resistance battle.
Sorry about your ankle : ( Hope you feel better soon!
P.S. I don't like peas either...yuck

Kristine said...

what pic do you love?