Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Some People LOL

I don't pretend to be perfect. I am far from it. But, on most days, I do have common sense. More importantly, I use it. Yesterday was Sage's first day of tumbling. Sageycakes is 3. They are learning how to walk one foot in front of the other, do summersaults, and crab walk. The teacher is this cute gal, probably 16 or so. I really like her, she was fun and energetic, and she didn't mind when the kids sat down next to her. (We had a teacher who didnt like the kids near her) Anyhow, the whole time, older siblings of these kids were running wild, yelling, screaming, all over the mats and in the tumblers way. None of their parents tried to stop them. I get not having a sitter, I really do. But make your kids behave. It isnt fair to any of the kids in class, and it is completely disrespectful to the teacher.

So, the teacher starts to teach the kids "Donkey Kicks" this is to get them use to having both feet up in the air at once. The kids get on the floor, put both hands on the floor, and kick both feet up together. A Mom came over and very loudly was telling the teacher she doesnt know what she is doing. That you dont teach hand stands that way. She was a gymnist for 12 years and knows more, blah blah blah. The poor teacher kept explaining that she isnt teaching these kids handstands. She is trying to get them use to not having their feet on the ground. The mom wouldnt hear it, she kept coming over and telling the teacher she is wrong and isnt doing it right.

If you have a very specific way you want your child taught, teach them yourself or take them somewhere that follws your ideas of correct. last time we took there, the teacher (different teacher) had all parents and siblings wait in the hall. I think this would be a very good idea.

Today was a busy day. Aspen had dance, which she loved, and Kyson and Farren had tehir first night of football. This was a meet and greet type thing. First practice is tomorrow. My hubby and I are kind of butting heads on a few things, but thats okay. I will step out and let this be his thing. If he doesn't think its normal to have a rotation for snacks after games, then so be it. No big deal.

Tomorrow is picture day at school. I just buy the class photo. I hate the posed headshots with teh boring backgrounds. I much prefer shots with "real" backgrounds. Sage also has preschool tomorrow, which she is THRILLED about. She would go everyday if we let her. Her teacher, Miss Nicole, is great, and they are always doing those fun, messy, projects, like painting.

Tomorrow I am also going to pick up 4 more wedding dresses. Also, a neighbor called me out of the blue today, someone I had never met. We started talking, and I told her about Savannah. She had heard I had a baby in the NICU. She didn't know I get to have an Angel of my very own. Anyways, I told her about our wedding dress project. A while later she called back and said ya know, I cant stop thinking about this. Her husbands job is actually in helping people start non-profit organiztions. She thinks I should get it listed as one, and i can probably get some grants to buy some more sewing machines, a serger, ect. She doesnt know what the listing fees are, they might be a lot, but she is going to check. I would LOVE to start something to do these dresses and also help pay for headstones for these babies. I wasnt expecting that phone call today at all. It was really nice.

A person is a person, no matter how small.

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Melanie-Mom2RandC said...

Christen started gymnastics a month ago, and they have a special "viewing" area for parents and siblings. She loves her class!

I'm so glad your dress project is going well. I know it does your heart good. I use to have a friend that made smocked dresses for Christen. I went to pick one up at her house once, and she had all these tiny little smocked dresses hanging up. She told me that she makes them for babies who who don't get to come home from the hospital. I had no idea she did this, and I was soooo touched. Best wishes on such a meaningful project!