Sunday, October 3, 2010


I have been SO busy lately, that all yuo will get is a brief run down of what has been going on, no pictures included for now.

  • School started. Kyson is in 4th Grade, Aspen in 3rd, and Sage in 1st. They are all loving school!!
  • School started. I am home, alone, almost all day. Yet, Im still so busy I can barely think some days. Seems I had MORE downtime with kids here, plus daycare kids than I do now, with an empty house!
  • We went Camping in July with Farrens Parents and two of my neices. We had lots of fun
  • In August we went to Hurricane Utah for my cousin Krystens baby shower. My sister flew in from Texas and we drove down with my two girls, my Mom, my friend Tiffani, and her mother. LOTS of fun! We saw TARZAN at Tuachan and it was SO good. We already have plans for The Little Mermaid next season.
  • Things on the "job front" are changing for Farren. I'm a tad nervous about where this is going to leave us, come March, but for now, I refuse to stress about it. What will happen will happen anyways, so no use in worrying too much!
  • I have started sewing like crazy. Im making cute carseat canopies, and they have been selling very well. I have a boutique coming up November 6th, and well, Im going to be doing NOTHING but sewing til then.
  • Aspen has made a quilt all by herself and will be entering it in the "Reflections" next week at school (I suppose she should finish it soon)
  • I've been enjoying my neice and nephews. They are always good when I need a baby fix, since it doesnt appear that we will be adding to our family anytime soon.

LOTS more has been going on, but too much to catch everyone up on, so for now, this is what you get!!!

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