Friday, February 13, 2009

Chocolate and Vanilla

This is a conversation Sage and I had today while I was making lunch.

Me: Sage, do you want spaghetti for lunch?

Sage: No, something else. A Sandwich.

Me: Okay, ham or peanut butter.

Sage: Peanut Butter. But Mom? Can I have it on the vanilla bread?

It took me a second to realize she meant white bread. We recently switched to whole grain whole wheat bread.

I make her sandwich and she is eating it while I make my own lunch. After a moment she says Mom? I like the chocolate bread too, I just wanted vanilla today because it shines like the sun.


Blameless said...

lol...chocolate bread! My kids call it 'normal' bread, and white bread is the 'soft' kind.

Sage is sooo adorable, even in her conversations!


vickicon said...

She's going to be a poet!

The Wildes said...

Lol, that is so cute!!

Steve.Jeana.Preston said...

She is too sweet!!