Sunday, February 1, 2009


Kysons back! I missed him like crazy, though we enjoyed having absolutely NO sibling rilvalry while he was gone. He had a blast and was able to meet many new friends. He LOVED skiing and said he only fell 3 times. Not too shabby at all! Im glad he is back!!!!!! They are already looking forward to summer camp!
Yesterday my mother in law took my girls to the Draper Temple Open House. My neice Lexi went with them. They all said it was neat. While they were doing that, Farren and I went couch shopping. The couch he LOVES, just happens to be the couch my neighbors bought last week. We may end up copying them, which is kinda funny because the couch we have now, use to be theirs.
Last night I took Aspen and Lexi, along with my sister in law and her family, to the movies. Most of the kids saw Hotel for Dogs and liked it lots. The Adults and Lexi saw New To Town. The adults liked it, but Lexi was bored stiff. I think it was just too old for her.
My goal for February is to be more Frugal. My plan is to not buy ANYTHING extra. We shall see how it goes. Today I did have to get Sage some new shoes, we could barely get her foot in hers last night, but that was obviously a necessity. So, no movies, books, treats or anything for February. Farren doesn't have faith in me. In fact he laughed when I said I was going to try. I think I can do it.
Farren says if I do it, then by March I should be able to get the camera upgrade he wants to buy me. Im not sure if I need such a huge upgrade, though I certainly won't complain. I need some new subjects to shoot. My kids are sick of me! I will try and update each night, to see how the money thing is going. There are some things that I HAVE to buy this month, like a baby gate, since cute Zane is getting so fast, but, otherwise, this should be a budget friendly month!
Wish me luck!


The Leavitt Crew said...

Welcome home, Kyson! And Emily, you can use Britton as a subject of your photo taking. In fact, I was gonna ask you if you would help me out with a picture that I could submit for Regis and Kelly's cutest baby contest. My camera sucks!

Sarah said...

Glad Kyson had such a good time.

How was Hotel for Dogs? Emily really wants to see it.

Good luck with being frugal. You can do it! And when you get the hang of it, send me all your tips because I pretty much stink at it.:)