Friday, February 6, 2009

Thanks Mom!

A few weeks ago my Mom told me about Grocery Smarts. It is kind of like Grocery Game, but its totally free! I started saving my coupons, but never had utilized them yet. Today I did. I got:

26 boxes of Wheat thins/Triscuts (I know thats a lot but with how many kids come in my home they will be gone in no time)
16 boxes of Kellog's cereal

My total for that came to 39.64

Then I headed to another store and I got:

5 pounds red grapes
2 gallons milk
2 gallons chocolate milk
4 4packs of Yoplait Yo Plus
4 packs of lunch meat
12 boxes of Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks/Fruit Rollups (Yes I let my kids eat that crap. Sometimes I eat it too )

My Total there was 30 and some change.

According to my reciepts, my total savings today, was over 180 dollars! Woohoo!!!!!


vickicon said...

Well, I'm glad you've joined the game, but is that why there weren't any coupons for me???

It's kind of fun isn't it?

Kristine said...

dont start stealing my coupons. i need two of each ad a week!!!

Kristine said...

oh and by the way zanes arms are fine! he is scooting so good now, it is soooo cute! jaden said they learned about planets at the gateway so i am assuming it was the planetarium. jaden left his hat there thats the only reason he told me!