Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I am so ready

for the kids to go back to school. Its quite the catch 22. I LOVE having them here, but, 8 kids makes for a huge mess. I feel like I do nothing but pick up after them, yet nothing is ever clean. ARGH. Its frustrating! I try to just do it at night, so we can play games during the day. Today we played Sequence, did puzzles, and things like that. I think Saturday Farren will take the kids to a movie or something so I can catch up on my neglected house.
This morning I went to make Zane a bottle. I opened the fridge to get his milk out, and one of the kids had placed a full 2 litre bottle on some chicken I had thawing. The pressure of the bottle pushed the juices EVERYWHERE. Needless to say, for at least today, I have the cleanest fridge on the planet. Its kinda funny, all week I have opened the fridge and thought I have GOT to clean that out, but kept putting it off for another today. Today I got the message loud and clear!
So far things are great on the financial front. Still no spending, though I am sure having more kids than seats in my car is helping with my self control! I haven't left my house in days! That's okay though, less temptations that way!!!!

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