Friday, February 20, 2009

Ugly Shoes

Aspen needs shoes desperately. I have NO idea what happened to one pair, and her other ones she wore in the snow with no socks on. They reek beyond belief. You cant even sit at the bottom of the stairs to put on your shoes without gagging.
So I tossed them.
I am trying to find her new shoes. I usually love Target's shoes, but they were all ugly today. The toddler sizes were super cute, but she is too big for that. I checked Khols and didnt like any, and none at Payless either. What is it with ugly shoes? They were all awful, and I am NOT that picky. The ones that weren't just ugly, were way too old for her. She is 6, she doesnt need Hooker boots and she doesnt need heels higher than any I have worn in my entire life. But, at the same time, I refuse to let them wear character shoes. We WILL find shoes.
Usually we go to the Sketchers store, but I just don't have the time to drive that far. I think tonight we will hit shoe carnival and see what they have.
My kid is at school in church shoes because she has nothing else.
On a different note, while I was at Target this morning I got a GREAT start on Sage's spring/summer wardrobe. She will need a few more tops and lots of bottoms and shoes, but I found about 8 cute tops for her. She is my kid who needs everything for this coming season. Aspen will need tops and shoes, but has plenty of bottoms from last year that still fit. Kyson, well, he hates what I like and I hate what he likes. So, thats Farrens job. Of course, a lot of that is pleasing his Dad. If I tell Farren to point it out to Kyson, then Kyson will like it (usually) but if I point it out, Kyson hates it.


Blameless said...

Kyson is too funny! Smart Mommy to work the Dad into it....I think I may steal that idea!

I hate shoe shopping with kids. In fact, I hate shopping with kids, lol. I've become pretty accurate at guessing their sizes. :P


Sarah said...

Emily and I can never agree on clothes. Ugh!

So, did you find any shoes yet?
I hate shoe shopping more than any other kind of shopping. I usually make Justin do it, which just leads to an argument b/c he ends up spending too much. lol

Good luck!!!

vickicon said...

Go to the Landsend website. They have cute kid's shoes.

The Wildes said...

Ugh, I hate trying to find them clothes. Gets even more fun when they start to get picky.