Friday, December 12, 2008

Bagels and Babies!

Yesterday morning I dropped Sage and Jes at school, then Brit and I headed to Einstein Bagels to meet some friends for breakfast. It was so much fun! I decided I don't get out to see friends often enough! The food was yummy! Tiny Brit ate the entire thing! Thanks Vanessa, Taryn, Laura, Lori and Cynthia! You guys are GREAT company!!!!!!!

Then we went to my Moms school to deliver her birthday present and treats for her class. I hope she can get lots of use from her new toy! Happy Birthday Mom!

Off to our school to sort and pass out fundraiser stuff. We didnt get home til 6. After I fed the kids I put them to bed early. (I am guilty. I wanted to leave and Farren had to get some sleep, so I grabbed a Christmas present out of my closet and let them all fall asleep watching Horton Hears a Who.

I headed to Lyndas house and we made jewlery. I made a SUPER cute bracelet. Well, okay, I suck, so April made most of it for me!

Thanks Lynda, Vanessa, Mariah and April for the great company! You guys are the BEST! I will add a pic of my bracelet soon!

(Oh and Tiffani, I really did think he was annoyed that I was going to go out with you. When I got home he wanted to know why the heck I was home. Sorry. Sometimes his humor is hard to read and I dont know if he is teasing or not. I hope you guys had fun!)

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