Friday, December 19, 2008

Making Ornaments

So my friend Sarah is one of those creative fun people that you just want to be! Her family made some ornaments from a dough that consists of equal parts cinnamon and applesauce. She showed pictures and raved about the wonderful aroma.

So, we tried it.

First batch of dough in the trash. Second worked better (I had to do a bit more cinnamon than applesauce) We made the ornaments and they smelled divine. And then they cracked and I threw them away. But, the important part is how much fun the kids had making them. They were terrifically messy! Here are some pictures!
Mixing the Dough
Rolling It Out
Gross Hands Sagey!!
Totally Messy Kyson!
The Finsihed Products!


Brandee said...

That looks so fun! You are such a good mommy...always doing fun things!

Sarah said...

haha! You are too funny. I'm not always fun, I just put those things on my blog. :)

Sorry yours cracked. Did they crack in half?

Mitchell Family said...

Wow! what a great Mom you are. Those looked so fun to make.We didn't do any crafts this year. I finally bought a Gingerbread house at the Walmart after Christmas cleareance... so we will do that. I'll have to check out Miss Sarah's blog.